VT Hash Check 1.60


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Jun 11, 2022
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VT Hash Check 1.60
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The software get the hashes of your files and matches them against the VirusTotal database, then downloads the report and makes a nice scan report window with the downloaded results. VT Hash Check cans also upload the file if it doesn't exist on VirusTotal yet (it'll ask you first if you want to do that).


Scan your downloaded files without opening your browser
With this software you right-click a file and select the 'Check File Hash' context menu item, and you immediately get your results. You don't need to open your browser anymore.

Save scan reports automatically for future reference
This software allows you to save all your scan reports automatically to the location of your choice and the desired format (text, csv & json are available).

Arrange scan results in your favorite order
VT Hash Check allows you to sort scan results by negative or positive results on top as well as sorting them either by AV or detection name.

Multiple proxy types supported
The software supports proxy types such as HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS4A & SOCKS 5 as well as Proxy Authentification (proxies with username & password).

Multiple file hashing methods supported
Depending on the size of your files computing their file hash might prove to be slow as the software by default uses SHA-256. The software settings provide you with the option to change that to either MD5 or SHA1.

Identify unknown file types
The software integrates a file identifier called TrID that cans either be run from the scan report window or from the command-line with the --trid argument. The file identification doesn't require an active Internet connection (offline) and the software cans be used for that sole purpose when integrated to explorer context menu softwares like FileMenu Tools.

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VT Hash Check 1.60

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