Visualizing Statistical Data Using Seaborn


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Jun 11, 2022
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Visualizing Statistical Data Using Seaborn
Visualizing Statistical Data Using Seaborn
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Instructor: Janani Ravi

As deep learning approaches to machine learning rise in popularity, models are increasingly hard to understand and pick apart. Consequently, the need for sophisticated visualizations of the data going into the model is becoming more and more urgent and important.

In this course, Visualizing Statistical Data Using Seaborn, you will work with Seaborn which has powerful libraries to visualize and explore your data. Seaborn works closely with the PyData stack - it is built on top of Matplotlib and integrated with NumPy, Pandas, Statsmodels, and other Python libraries for data science You will start off by visualizing univariate and bivariate distributions. You will get to build regression plots, KDE curves, and histograms to extract insights from data. Next, you will use Seaborn to visualize pairwise relationships of high dimensionality using the FacetGrid and PairGrid. Plot aesthetics, color, and style are important elements to making your visualizations memorable. Given this, you will study the color palettes available in Seaborn and see how you can manipulate specific plot elements in our graph. At the end of this course you will be very comfortable using Seaborn libraries to build powerful, interesting and vivid visualizations - an important precursor to using data in machine learning. Software required: Seaborn 0.8, Python 3.x.






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