Testing Angular 4 (previously Angular 2) Apps with Jasmine


Jun 6, 2022
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Testing Angular 4 (previously Angular 2) Apps with Jasmine

Testing Angular 4 (previously Angular 2) Apps with Jasmine
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Learn to write unit and integration tests for your Angular apps and deploy them with confidence

As your application grows in complexity, the cost of manual testing increases exponentially. Adding a new feature or fixing a bug may break several other places in the application, and covering all those edge cases with manual testing ends up being extremely painful and nearly impossible.

Automated testing is a practice that has been adopted by a lot of successful software development teams over the past decade. You simply write code to test your application, and then run those tests in an automated fashion.

Initially, your development time increases a bit because you need to write extra code to test your production code. However, that is the cost that you pay only once. Once you have those tests in place, you can run several thousands of them in just a few seconds over and over. Compare that with the time required to manually test every bit of your application!

With automated testing, you spend less time fixing bugs and doing manual repetitive tests every time you add a new feature or fix a bug. Instead, you can spend your time doing more fun things.

In this course, Mosh, author of several best selling courses on , takes you from the ground and gives you a solid foundation to write automated tests for your Angular apps. Whether you're an absolute beginner or have some familiarity with automated testing, this course will give you all the necessary skills to write automated tests for your Angular apps.

You'll learn about:

Automated testing concepts and tools
What to test and how
Writing clean, maintainable and trustworthy tests that don't lie
Tracking how much of your code is covered by tests
Testing re-usable components
Testing templates
Testing forms
Testing confirmation boxes
Testing navigation
Testing attribute directives
Mocking dependencies
Working with asynchronous operations

If you've taken any of Mosh's courses before, you know what you get. High quality video and audio, outstanding delivery with no mocking around.

Testing Angular 4 (previously Angular 2) Apps with Jasmine
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