Scenarist BD 7.1.3


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Jun 11, 2022
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Scenarist BD 7.1.3

Scenarist BD 7.1.3 | Languages: English | File Size: 253.87 MB

Scenarist BD is the application that launched the Blu-ray Disc format in 2006. Since then, Scenarist BD has become the most used BD authoring system worldwide and is responsible for millions of Blu-ray discs in consumers collections, everywhere. Scenarist BD features both HDMV (High Definition Movie Mode) and BD-J (Blu-ray Java) programming modes for Blu-ray Disc and Blu-ray 3D titles. That means that Scenarist BD is fully capable of delivering your toughest titles.

Scenarist BD includes:
- Scenarist BD authoring for Blu-ray Disc and Blu-ray 3D
- Scenarist Designer menu design plug-in for Photoshop
- Scenarist BD templates pack

Even though Scenarist BD is a fully comprehensive authoring environment, its user interface is fast and easy to learn and use. In fact, Scenarist requires no hand scripting or difficult languages to learn. If you have had experience with other BD authoring system, you will find the transition to Scenarist BD fast and easy.Includes Scenarist Designer menu designer and output Photoshop plug-in. Scenarist Designer works inside Photoshop to quick output menu backgrounds, button states and color pallets. The export automatically slices all button graphics saving literally hundreds of hours of graphics effort. Upon importing Scenarist Designer files into Scenarist BD, the author only needs to connect the button to the asset.

Industry-standard BD
Scenarist BD is the industry-standard Blu-ray Disc and BD3D authoring system. Millions of BD discs have been delivered with Scenarist BD.

HDMV and BD-J Ready
With Scenarist BD, you are get authoring in HDMV or BD-J programming modes. Fast and easy to learn, Scenarist BD is logical and efficient.

Includes Scenarist Designer
Scenarist Designer menu design plug-in for Adobe Photoshop. Quickly exports menus and buttons (in all states) easy import into Scenarist BD.

Scenarist BDv7.1 Is the Most Capable BD Authoring System Available:
We have refined Scenarist BD authoring with a new version, Scenarist BDv7.1, that brings incredible speed and efficiency to your BD authoring operations. In addition to the user-requested enhancements we have built-in support for the latest Windows OSes, fixed bugs, and more.

Cross-grades Encouraged
If you are using a third-party BD authoring system (unsupported or otherwise), then you can use your existing system as a cross-grade to Scenarist BD: for its power and our commitment to on-going development and support. Our business is 100% authoring focused and we have been doing it longer than anyone so you can rely on Scenarist to be there for your business.

Extremely Affordable
If your business relies on delivering the highest quality with a do it right the first time requirement, then you should upgrade to Scenarist BDv7.1. Upgrades are extremely affordable and multi-system upgrade discounts available.

Here What You Get with Scenarist BDv7:
- Microsoft Windows 10 Support
- Multi-threaded processing speeds production by up to 50%
- Support for DoStudio subtitle format
- Streamlined projec creation, information input, and improved startup workflow:
- Create New Project dialog features new CMF data
- Reuse project information from Create New Project dialog in Mux and new CMF settings
- Automatically load project in a solution that has only one project
- Added the ability to specify a default directory for new solutions
- Improved workflow and efficiencies for data assets:
- Default video frame rate of Designer HDMV imports setting to 23.976
- Enable Cut and Paste commands in the ES Time Info Settings dialog
- Editable WAV timecodes
- Read audio metadata upon import of assets
- HDMV Movie Objects can now be assigned to multiple titles
- Unlimited updates to Scenarist BDv7 means you stay current with SBDv7
Release Notes:
Scenarist BD 7.1.3 Released

Minimum System Requirements:
- Microsoft Windows 10 (All editions, 32 & 64 bit), Windows 7 (All editions, 32 & 64 bit)
- Windows operating systems (above) also supported on Apple hardware using Bootcamp.
- Must boot into Windows OS natively on Apple hardware.
- Virtualization (through applications such as Parallels and VMWare) is not supported.
- Microsoft Remote Desktop connections are not supported.
- Intel Core i5, dual or quad core 3.0 GHz (or similar)
- Four (4) GB System RAM or more
- SSD and/or high performance HDDs recommended
- One (1) HD wide screen monitor



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