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Jun 6, 2022
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Obduction v.1.6.5-GOG
Language: Multi | Platform: PC | Release: 2016 | Size: 3.7 GB
Genre: Adventure | FPP | Puzzle

From Cyan, the indie studio that brought you Myst, comes a new sci-fi adventure.As you walk beside the lake on a cloudy night, a curious, organic artifact falls from the starry sky and inexplicably, without asking permission, transports you across the universe. You’ve been abducted from your cozy existence and added into an alien landscape with pieces of Earth from unexpected times and places.
The strange worlds of Obduction reveal their secrets only as you explore, discover, coax, and consider their clues. As you bask in the otherworldly beauty and explore the enigmatic landscapes, remember that the choices you make will have substantial consequences. This is your story now.
Make it home.


Patch 1.6.5 (08 November 2017)
General fixes:
Fix to spawn actor performance
Oculus Fix:
Touch control updates
Patch 1.6.4 (30 October 2017)
General fixes:
The Windows 7 DXGI error should no longer appear on affected systems
Global VR fixes:
The resolution scale will now stay put when playing in VR
Fixed the issue with VR headsets not properly switching audio between the HMD and system speakers
Player shadow should no longer appear when driving the Minecart
Fix for Mouse Cursor Locked Toggle
Will only use the VR audio device for media player if force VR is used.
Fix for the hands being in the wrong location while in the minecart.
Vive fixes:
Free roam should now work when you disable the Vive wands.
Fix for missing loading screen on vive while in Minecart
Improvements for quickly swapping between Vive and desktop modes
Graphics setting fixes:
View distance options are no longer offset by one position.
Patch 1.6.1 (25 October 2017)
Unreal Engine updated to 4.15.3
Lightmap data size on disk dramatically reduced
Game-wide Texture resolution optimizations
Better-tuned scalability settings
Arai creature optimized to reduce hitching
CW updated to use less resources
Book system optimized to reduce hitching
Loading screens now display progress
Level streaming optimizations
Startup videos added
UI navigation fixes
VR Features & Fixes
VR support no longer requires VR command line flags
Wearing or removing VR headset will enable or disable VR automagically
New and improved hand models for VR motion controllers
Fixed teleport position issue when attempting to teleport to an invalid location first
Fix for threading issue that could occur if motion controllers disconnect
License plates have been enlarged in VR mode for better readability
VR controller interface updated to support various motion controllers
Teleport indicator provides a better sense of depth
Subtitles improved to reduce penetration with other objects in the scene
Interaction with in game devices improved for motion controllers
Better Vive support
Player height fixes
Added support for stereo capture cameras to clean up portals
Show tracking sensors (if controller connection lost) to help players reorient
Media Player Features & Fixes
New media player framework
Increased stability of media player
Movies now loaded only when needed
Increased trigger area for Farley’s message in Maray
Fixed issue with imagers still playing audio & video when disabled
Removed test movies that are no longer needed
Razer Chroma Updates
Updated Chroma to support new hardware, including Chroma Link.
“Breathe” animation deprecated by Razer - ambient world color is now static gradient
Audio Features & Fixes
Ensure arai swarm audio components do not auto-activate
Don’t use Oculus Rift audio device for startup movies if Rift isn’t connected
Fix for a threading issue when ambient sounds are removed
Subtitle loading is now asynchronous
Music player music loading is now asynchronous
Music and dialogue can be marked to play when volume is all the way down
Fixed audio hitching on devices that put resources on the game thread
All [Simplified] Chinese texts have been reviewed for accuracy and are now complete
Any menu terms that were not localized are now complete
Minor corrections made to the Portuguese language
Overlapping menu texts have been fixed
Cut-off menu texts have been fixed
Missing menu texts for localized languages have been added
Update (16 June 2017)
added The Art of Cyan Digital Book for qualified Kickstarter backers.
Update (21 April 2017)
Added a digital signature to the offline Mac version of Obduction.
Patch 1.5.2 (12 April 2017)
Small tweaks for some objects that appeared incorrect in VR
More fixes for the shovel bucket. Buckets of fun!
Adjusted collision issues on the elevator
Player can no longer stand on top of puzzle rotation pedestal
Small tweaks for lighting in some areas
Kaptar swing bridge should no longer allow you to fall or teleport off the end under some conditions
Small tweaks to odd collision boundaries in Kaptar
video near the start of Maray should play correctly again Some small fixes for CW's smaller videos not always playing in correct order
Teleport mode will now act correctly when moving through the Hunrath/Kaptar portals
Teleport mode should allow you to properly move through the Soria hub doorway
Player should no longer be able to teleport from scrapyard to the Kaptar sphere using teleport mode in Hunrath
Player can no longer get caught on collision using teleport mode while riding the elevator in Kaptar
Fixes for teleport mode arrow when moving through domes
Fixes for UI scaling in Oculus rift
Fix for an odd crash when using motion controllers
video should play near ride in Maray correctly now
Player should no longer be able to fall from Mayor's elevator in Hunrath
Cleaned up some collision issues in and around CW's workshop
Players should no longer be able to lean through the dome wall in Kaptar
Generic tweaks and fixes for teleport mode
Added final Dutch menu update for Oculus Touch and VIVE controllers
Patch 1.5.1 (31 March 2017)
This is the first of two hotfixes. We are working hard to address the issues brought up by the community.
Known issues:
nVidia Lens Matched Shading is temporarily disabled on HTC Vive while we investigate an issue we found.
Teleport mode has trouble moving the player through some portals in game. We're aware of the issue, are working on it now, and expect to have a fix for the issue in the next update.
Fixes to stop the player from being pushed off of the rotating bridge
Guides should now show correctly on the winch
Tweaks to stop the player getting caught on collision


Improvements to various buildings to stop players from putting their head through solid walls while in VR
Adjusted collision on Swing Bridge
Player should no longer be able to get stuck behind the gas tank
Fixed up the scrapyard bucket ride. Bucket should no longer shake the player when descending.
Fixed bad lighting in Farley's house
Fixed bad reflections in Farley's house
Improved lighting on Hunrath tower
Art tweaks to Hunrath tower
Misc tweaks for player collision with interactive objects
Game should no longer start SteamVR while running in desktop mode
Player should no longer be able to reach through and teleport beyond locked portals
Player is no longer allowed to pause the game during the ending sequence
Fixed the issue where the Vive tracking would seem to fail in pause menu
Fixed teleporting into disabled dome
Fixed the tape recorder being hard to reach while seated in VR
The tape recorder should no longer rocket you to the moon
Tape recorder should no longer dissapear when set down
The tape recorder will no longer cause a crash when placed below the player's feet
Players can no longer use teleport mode to enter the water
Kaptar coupler controls should work correctly with motion controls in non-teleport mode
Player can no longer use teleport mode to enter the large sphere in Hunrath while it's spinning
Tweaks to keep the teleport arrow on the ground
Improvement to resolution quality on Vive
Made the Vive menu a fair bit larger
Fixes for some textures in VR
Introduced click to teleport instead of touch to teleport on Vive controllers due to touch sensitivity issues on the Vive controllers
Improvements to displaying books in VR
Misc tweaks to help reduce players falling from rides and elevators
Fixes for the end of the credits sequence
Tweaks to motion controllers interacting with some levers
Improvements to Teleport mode arrow, should no longer show up in incorrect locations
Fixed a couple of odd conditions where the player can fall out of the world
Tweaks for the menu when in VR standing and seated modes
Updated UIs for Oculus Touch and Vive motion controls
Oculus and Vive UIs should no longer overlap
Tweaks to the menus while using an Oculus Rift
Menu updates for De, Fr, It, Pt, Ru, Sp
Update (30 march 2017)
Obduction for Macs is finally here!

All the stars have aligned and Obduction for Mac is now available! It’s been a longer haul than we thought, but we think it’ll be well worth the wait. This extra time means that Obduction will run a bit better, with fewer bugs, and prettier graphics.

The release of the Mac version means that you can now experience Obduction on Mac, Windows, Rift, and Vive. But we’re not resting. We’ll continue to optimize, update, clean, and polish.

Here are a few things you should know:

Obduction requires Apple's Metal framework. For a list of Macs that support Metal go to

Known issue(s):
If you had an earlier Mac version of Obduction (Mac preview) and you get a 'serialization' error when launching the Obduction Mac public release version, please clear the corrupt shader cache by doing the following:

Open Finder, press "command+shift+g"
Type in: ~/Library/application support/, press enter
Open "Epic/Obduction/Saved"
Delete "ByteCodeCache.ushadercode" & "DrawCache.ushadercache"
If this serialization error does not resolve for you after trying this suggestion, please contact our support team at [email protected].
Patch 1.5.0 (27 March 2017)
Touch/Hand/Motion Controls added to Obduction.
We’ve added hand controls in this feature-rich update — along with lots of clean-up and tuning. (Players who have already purchased Obduction for PC or Rift will receive Vive and Rift hand control support with this update.)
Various art fixes and tweaks throughout Kaptar
Small LOD fixes in hunrath
Improvements to loading/streaming
Many fixes and improvements to the gamma adjustment option
Fix for game continuously minimizing after starting the game a second time
Obduction - Localization - Fix for "BACK" translation not being entirely in uppercase in Polish and Portuguese.
Many localization changes for the new menu entries
Known issues:
Missing localized new menu terms for Spanish, Polish, and Dutch
Overlapping localized terms in some controller screens
MRS toggle is greyed out
Sounds of footsteps when teleporting are missing
Active Dome sound missing in teleportation mode
Lever guides in Kaptar are misbehaving again
Coupler mechanism in Kaptar can't be engaged using VR motion controller in Free movement
Kaptar rotating bridge lock hard to interact with using VR motion controllers
Color corruption can occur on the waterfall in Hunrath with all AMD GPUs
Patch 1.4.2 (08th February 2017)
Hey everyone!
We have quite a few fixes and updates in this release, it also includes brand new community made translations for previously unsupported languages: Portuguese and Dutch.
Fixes and changes:
Fix for some build types crashing when loading a level with ambient sounds in the world.
Various tweaks and improvements throughout Hunrath
Various tweaks and improvements throughout Kaptar
Bad collision area on the Hunrath Maray sphere.
Fixed a shading pop on the mine cart when crossing the zone thresholds.
Increased cart blocker volume size on the scrap yard gate.
Scaled/moved one of the tower fog plane blockers where it didn't quite meet the wall.
Cleaned up collision in the caves near the swap spheres.
Open edge of Hunrath wall was visible near elevator. Moved/added some small rocks to hide it.
Fixed river-flow direction in the Hunrath bosque, near the clothesline
Fixed translucency issues on mine cart
Many art updates and improvements to the stairs in Kaptar
Fog in (area redacted) no longer displays overly bright
Re-positioned the ‘fallen tree’ backer reward
Hid/covered a couple of unsightly light map and clipping issues near the Kaptar stairs swap sphere.
Minor tweaks to one of the Arai swarm's light path, as the light was (slightly) visible outside the hive where it shouldn't have been.
Updated UI elements to accommodate the requested Keyboard addition
Updated Credits
Generic fixes for setting resolution issues
Fix for being able to "disable" the bomb as it's blowing up
Fix for screenshots not using the correct view when engaged with objects like the mine cart.
Fix for CW disappearing a little too soon while the door is closing on him
Fix for being able to drive the mine cart while pushing a link button.
Fix for Kaptar winch ride issue allowing player to move too far from platform
Fix for the Kaptar elevator leaving without player
Fix for engaging the mine cart after loading a game.
Fix for the player falling through the very cold Maray elevator chamber.
Fix for the Maray movie panel turning back on if you take a screenshot of it when it's off.
Hunrath imagers now load in and out of memory at runtime.
Many tweaks to loading zones in Kaptar, Maray, and Hunrath
Fixes to pop-ins at Farley's house
Fix for a loading issue in Maray that could cause a fall-through
Fixes for loading when leaving the Hub on very slow machines
Fixes for possible shader related crashes
Misc tweaks to try and improve performance on very slow computers
Localization fixes for VR terminology in menu – translations have been finalized
Fix for weird camera angles in player controller after playing in VR.
Added text for mirror mode (M key) to keyboard mapping display (Oculus) Localization
Localized text for the "Too many save games" message now displays after menu fix
Removed duplicated "EXPLOSION' subtitle line for back side of Farley’s tape
All of Farley's vault journals have been finalized and have full localization
Patch 1.4.1 (16th November 2016)
New Additions
VR-only: Smooth Turning is now available as a menu option.
Addition of Texture Memory slider-
We've added a manual adjustment slider that affects the amount of memory that can used for the game's textures. This can improve image quality when raised, and improve performance when lowered. While this options affects all users, this should help Intel HD graphics users who were unable to read puzzle solutions in-game.
The auto-save icon now only appears when you are in the menu. It no longer appears in-game when you are walking around. It continues to save the game; it just won't display the save icon while it's doing it (in-game).
VR-only: Added 'M' keyboard hotkey to toggle between stereo and mono mirroring modes.
Various small fixes and tweaks to art in Kaptar
Various small fixes throughout Hunrath
Misc sound fixes in Kaptar
Raised volume of Imager devices in Hunrath
VR-only: Users can no longer unlock doors by sticking their head through the door.
Fix for buttons breaking if pressed while taking a photo.
Fixes for navigation points with Farley's vault.
Fixes for navigation points in Maray.
Fixes for navigation points in Kaptar.
Fixes for users getting stuck on an elevator in Maray.
VR-only: Fix for flicker when changing Resolution Scale.
Patch 1.3.4 (7 November 2016)
Hot-fix, for VR only! A setting is now available for those who want to play with smooth-turning in Free movement mode. This setting is NOT recommended for most players, only experienced VR users who know what they're doing, as it can easily cause discomfort or even sickness. Use at your own risk!

As this was created as a quick update, for now the setting can only be changed by editing a config file. If you'd rather not edit this file, we will be providing this setting as a menu option in an upcoming larger update (roughly planned for end of next week).

To enable:

make sure you have launched the game at least once in VR, and that the game is not currently running
from Windows desktop, click Start or press the Windows key on your keyboard, and enter this: %LOCALAPPDATA%\\Obduction\\Saved\\Config\\ConfigVR\\WindowsNoEditor
using a text editor, such as Notepad, open the GameUserSettings.ini file
find the setting named FreeIntenseSmoothTurning, change it from false to true, and save the file
Smooth-turning in Free mode will now be enabled.

Patch 1.3.3 (31 October 2016)
Brand new features!
Oculus Rift VR headset support:
VR version for Oculus Rift. Support for Oculus Remote and wide range of game controllers.
nVidia Ansel and HDR Support:
Also being added is NVIDIA HDR support and NVIDIA Ansel, which allows players to capture stunning 3D 360 panoramic screenshots in super resolution, customizable with post-process filters and shareable with friends. Details on how to view the screenshots can be found on the NVIDIA GeForce blog.
Razer Chroma support:

We are excited to announce that we have added support for Chroma-enabled products made by Razer into Obduction. If you own a Chroma-enabled mouse, mousepad, keyboard, or headset, you will notice that Obduction now lights up those peripherals according to events in the game. We have added the following Chroma effects to Obduction (minor spoilers ahead):

Idling cyan + black breathing effect when in main menu
Breathing effect between two prominent colors in the current world
Linking effect between worlds (keyboard only)
Picture-taking flash effect

(If you have chroma-enabled peripherals and want to turn them off, open the GameUserSettings.ini file and change the value of bIsKeyboardLightingEnabled to "false" and restart the game. Options for this in-game will be coming in a future update.)
Millions of fixes and improvements to loading zones. This should help improve loading hitches in all areas.
Fixes for license plates at different graphics settings/resolutions
Marker signs should now be much easier to read at lower resolutions
Eric knocked over a gravestone. That's bad luck Eric.
Fix for the grills on the seed machine only being clickable on the top handle portion instead of the whole grill.
Lots of little improvements and optimizations to art in Hunrath
Improvements and optimizations to art in Kaptar
Improvements and optimizations to fog and smoke effects on low quality settings
fixes to video playback in Maray
Fixes for some doors closing at the wrong time under some conditions in Maray
Many fixes for various control panels
Fix for Back Button functionality in the menu not working.
Better support for gamepad in photo viewer
Fix for language changes not saving correctly under certain conditions
Fix for "Load" text not fitting in the text area on the load screen for multiple languages.
Increased scale of the surrounding box to allow for longer words to be shown.
Fix for Delete and Copy dialogs not being localized correctly in Save Game Menu
Misc fixes for localization issues
Can now traverse through photo albums with keys.
A dialog box pops up notifying the user when they are attempting to copy a game but already have 10 save games.
Technical things
More nodes, node fixes, etc
Auto Detect graphics on Startup.
Fix for ViewDistanceQuality settings.
Fixes for issues with entering and exiting the mine cart in both free roam and point-n-click
Gamepad input adjustments
Adjusted volume levels on some levers and doors in Hunrath test
Patch 1.2.0 (27 September 2016)
The results from the public preview are looking pretty good, so today we're moving the newest version of the game from our Public Preview out to everyone.

Most players will see only good things with this patch. But we have noticed a rare occurance on some systems with integrated graphics - textures may get blurrier. This is the result of being safer about allocating texture memory, and the graphic system not reporting correctly. We’ll continue to investigate this.

Mac Kickstarter Backers on the Mac beta will see some changes - mostly good, some bad. Generally, the Mac performance has improved dramatically. Almost everyone should notice that. The bad news is that you may crash, or only see a black screen at startup. There are two steps to fix this. The first is to upgrade to MacOS Sierra which has fixes that Obduction requires. The second is to remove old shader cache files. Here are the steps to delete the old files:

Go to the Finder (usually the first thing in your dock)
Hold down shift + command + g
Type (or copy and paste) this... ~/Library/Application Support/Epic/Obduction/Saved
Click Go or push return
Delete two files... ByteCodeCache.ushadercode and DrawCache.ushadercache

(If you don’t see those files then you did something wrong, or you don’t have Obduction installed.)
If you require further help with this, please create a support ticket at:

Fix for game icon not appearing in windows task bar in some conditions
Fix for unsupported OS languages causing failed loading and empty menus
Fixed some missing Backer Rewards messages
Photos now have a slideshow option
Photos previously taken should sort correctly
Photos will now appear for users with foreign or special characters in their Windows user account name
Backer reward items popup is now disabled by default in-game. This can still be enabled through the options menu
Updates to node navigation
Fixes for minecart getting stuck in rocks under some conditions
Fixes for misalignment in The Gauntlet
Fix for Kaptar generator pistons losing correct state when loading
Fix for player falling out of world on new game and load game in some cases
Removed stacking of movement input. Sorry speed runners.
Improvements to video memory usage
Many updates to nodes in all worlds for point and click mode
Updates for game pad controls
Fixes for some dialogue playing back in incorrect areas
Fix for an odd crash when loading
Fixes for minecart persistence if lowered but not driven
Raised blood pressure level of producer character "Ryan"
CW's workshop door is no longer able to be closed after opening
Removed debug commands bound to 'R' and 'Num9' keys
Proper translation of 'Credits' across all languages
Updated backer rewards popup under some languages
Various settings UI language changes
Various updates to all available languages
Lighting improvements across all worlds
Tweaked imager parts
Updates to Hunrath swing bridge
Various large and small updates to art around Hunrath
Various small collision fixes in Hunrath
Optimization of art for the large Hunrath sphere
Small art tweaks around Maray
Collision and art fixes to some spheres in Kaptar
Performance fixes for the Arai Hive
Updates to shadows in generator room
Updates to ending special effects
Collision fixes in Maray
Added a guide for the bleeder operation
Updates to credits scene
Fixes to books showing black bars at low resolutions
Fix for falling off cliff near swing bridge in Kaptar
Improvements for control panels in Maray
Tweaks to sound in Maray
Fixes for bird sounds in Maray
Mac Specific:
(Please remember, the Mac release of Obduction is currently in a beta state and is only available to Kickstarter backers as we work with everyone to improve performance and compatibility)

Fixes for particle effects on AMD GPUs
Media playback updates
Small changes for Metal API shader model 5
Fix for loading into a black screen under some conditions
Fixes for lighting and loading effects
Fixes for broken textures
Performance tweaks
Known issues with the current Mac beta
Some Macs may require an upgrade to MacOS Sierra
Some Macs may see an odd black effect over the game's visuals when running Intel graphics
Some players may see the minecart appear backwards from its correct position
Patch 1.01 (08 September 2016)
Fix for stuck loading screens with unsupported languages! Game will now properly default - to English when local OS language does not have a localization file available
Fix for resolution scale slider
Adjustment to gamma setting slider (Work in progress)
Small fix for the Credits
Tweaks for new game menu
Fixes for screenshots during loading
Many small art tweaks around all of Hunrath
Many fixes to nodes in Hunrath
Patch (30 August 2016)
Fixes for loading screen getting stuck in some cases
Improvements for screenshot functionality (Game no longer hangs, can take screenshots of books)
Small fixes for seed machines in Maray
Small update to the Credits
Tweaks to lighting and art around Farley’s house
Fixes for Polish language
Known issues with unsupported languages:
There is currently a known issue with default system languages that are not currently supported in Obduction causing loading screen, menu, and subtitle issues. We are currently working on getting a fix in as soon as possible. The current workaround will be to change your game language away from the default English, load your save or start a new game, then set it back to English.

Minimum system requirements:
Windows: 7 SP1 64 bit or newer
Processor: CPU Intel i5-2500 equivalent or better
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce 660 GTX w/1GB / AMD 7700 series w/1GB equivalent or better
Storage: 20 GB available space

Recommended system requirements:
Windows: 10 64 bit
Processor: CPU Intel i5-4590 equivalent or better
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 w/4 GB / AMD R9 290 w/4 GB equivalent or better
Storage: 20 GB available space
SSD highly recommended

Languages:.: Audio and text: English. Text only: ??, Deutsch, español, français, italiano, nederlands, polski, português, русский

(All below links are interchangable. No password)
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