Microsoft Office 2010 SP2 Professional Plus + Visio Premium + Project Pro / Standard 14.0.7197.5000


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Jun 11, 2022
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Microsoft Office 2010 SP2 Professional Plus + Visio Premium + Project Pro / Standard 14.0.7197.5000
File Size : 2.1GB/2.38GB/962.79MB/1.13GB
Russian / English / Ukrainian registered versions with updates on 11/04/2018 and without ads!

Microsoft Office 2010 is the most popular suite of office applications for computers, phones and browsers, including features that are needed today, and features that may be required in the future. After downloading Microsoft Office 2010 to, you can confidently accept the challenge of today's economic situation without losing sight of the factors necessary to achieve success in the field of information technology.

For ordinary employees, this is the ability to perform daily work faster, easier and more efficiently, whether they are on the road or in the office, working alone or in a group. For IT professionals, this is access to a set of intelligent tools that integrate seamlessly into an environment with increased security and work on existing equipment, providing business growth, not budget.

- one of the best sets of office programs for PCs, browsers and phones. This package has all the functions that many need today, and some may come in handy in the future. With this set, you can successfully accept the challenge of today's economic situation. and do not miss the success factors in the field of IT. Ordinary employees can perform work much faster and more efficiently, working alone or in a group, on the road or in the office. IT professionals will receive a set of intelligent applications that are easily integrated into a system with increased security and working on existing equipment, providing business development.

The composition of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010:

Microsoft Excel 2010
Microsoft Outlook 2010
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
Microsoft Word 2010
Microsoft Access 2010
Microsoft InfoPath 2010
Microsoft Publisher 2010
Microsoft OneNote2010
Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010
Microsoft Office for the Web
Microsoft Visio Premium
Microsoft Project Pro

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Microsoft Word 2010 is a new version of the word processor with advanced capabilities for creating documents. Support for co-authoring document processing, formatting with OfficeArt, enhanced search and navigation functions.
Microsoft Excel 2010 is a dynamic business tool that allows you to make the right decisions based on the analysis of existing data with the help of improved tools and functions. Excel 2010 allows you to calculate a variety of business development options and present them in a convenient and easily readable form with rich visualization tools.
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 - a powerful program for creating presentations, including portable, with advanced transition capabilities, support for animation, audio and video - even in high definition.
Microsoft Outlook 2010 is an email client with an expanded set of new tools, support for various Web services and social networks.
Microsoft Publisher 2010 is an easy-to-use utility for creating and creating marketing materials and publications of professional quality with printing and distribution by mail. Improved interface, photo editing, document navigation.
Microsoft Access 2010 is an improved version of the database with improved programming logic, integration with the Business Data Catalog (BDC), 25 quality templates.
Microsoft Communicator - a simple intuitive interface with multiple communication capabilities, a single identification for any communication needs (mail, Internet pager, voice, conferences) with an indication of the availability of the subscriber, the ability to distribute documents and conference plans.
Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 , the replacement Office Groove 2007 application, SharePoint Workspace is a client software for efficient online and offline access to SharePoint content, portability of SharePoint development to a user PC, fast automatic synchronization between the PC and SharePoint sites, local access to content SharePoint through Windows Desktop Search.
Microsoft InfoPath 2010 is an application for creating rich dynamic forms for the distribution and management of information in an organization's environment.
Microsoft OneNote 2010 - the new Fluent user interface, improved navigation, new organizational tools to ensure that all notes, ideas and thoughts are not lost, were organized and easily accessible. OneNote 2010 supports multi-user sharing and versioning.

Major updates that are introduced by Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 2:

Excel 2010 SP2
Improves the overall stability, performance, and compatibility with other versions of Excel. For a more detailed list of specific issues that the service pack fixes, please download a version of the workbook that is available below.
Fixes issues in which the performance of Excel files, and Excel files sizes are copied during the duplication of data.
Fixes an issue in which data validation lists that contain comma signs (,) are broken in an .xlsx or .xlsb file. This issue occurs when you set the user locale to a location that does not use comma signs (,) to separate the lists. For example, Germany uses semicolons (;) to separate the lists. When you set Germany as the location, data validation lists that contain commas are all broken.
Fixes an issue in which an .xlsx file created in Microsoft Office 2013 that contains an App is bound to a table is corrupted on save. Additionally, it addresses the issue in which all Agave formulas in the workbook are removed from the file.
Outlook 2010 SP2
Fixes the issue. Additionally, this fixes an issue that occurs when you perform a spell check before you send an email message.
PowerPoint 2010 SP2
Improves the quality of the videos in a presentation after the videos are optimized or compressed by PowerPoint.
Fixes issues that occur when you co-author a presentation with other users at the same time.
Fixes an issue in which Mozilla FireFox crashes when you are installed in PowerPoint Web App on a Mac computer that has Microsoft Silverlight 3 or Silverlight installed.
Word 2010 SP2
Fixes issues regarding bookmarks, fields, track changes, templates, tables, object wrapping, autocorrect options, and email addresses. Additionally, it fixes general reliability issues that occur when you post a blog entry on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 and Microsoft Office 365 blogs.

Operating system (minimum requirements):

Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (SP3) (32-bit version)
Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1)
Windows 7
Windows 8 / 8.1
Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 2 (SP2) and MSXML 6.0
Windows Server 2008

Version Features:

Languages: Russian, English, Ukrainian
Activation: AAct from Ratiborus
Optional: Office Tab - switch between files using tabs (as in the browser); UBit Menu - a program that returns a menu in MS Office 2007, 2010, 2013 from the old-good MS Office 2003, by adding a tab with the old menu
Some other features of the version:

Lovely autorun: comfortable, beautiful and multifunctional
Absence of advertising (Ad-free): your documents will not be signed "RePack by a very important person"
The optimal size and speed of installation: the program will not be unpacked half an hour in order for you to press a pair of buttons
Ability to store the assembly in uncompressed .exe-format; in the unpacked form (7-zip or WinRAR to help); in .iso formats and in a compressed analogue .iso - .isz
Target audience: as usual users who need a two-click installation, as well as professionals who want to get everything the installer needs
Perhaps, most importantly: created with love
Ready .msp files for silent installation
[Access, Excel, Word] | [Excel, PowerPoint, Word] | [Excel, Word] Built into the assembly and located in the MSP folder. To use it simply: to start the installation and select the corresponding file in the application section of the settings file * .msp on the "Additional features" tab. To be used in conjunction with the quiet installation settings, you must rename the downloaded file to x86_Invisible_Office.MSP (x64_Invisible_Office.MSP for the 64-bit version) and copy it to the MSP folder. Similar actions can be performed with Visio and Project.
Silent installation parameters * (used by AutorunHelper.exe):

/ O86U - silent installation of Office (x86) with updates
/ O64U - silent installation of Office (x64) with updates
/ O86N - silent installation Office (x86) without updates
/ O64N - silent installation Office (x64) without updates
/ V86U - quiet installation of Visio (x86) with updates
/ V64U - quiet installation of Visio (x64) with updates
/ V86N - quiet installation of Visio (x86) without updates
/ V64N - quiet installation of Visio (x64) without updates
/ P86U - quiet installation Project (x86) with updates
/ P64U - quiet installation Project (x64) with updates
/ P86N - quiet installation Project (x86) without updates
/ P64N - quiet installation Project (x64) without updates
/ UP2010 - Installing Updates
/ KMS - activation
/ TAB - Office Tab installation
/ UBRU- installation UBit Menu RUS
/ UBEN- installation UBit Menu ENG
/ S - hide the progress window
For example, the AutorunHelper.exe / O86U / V86N / KMS / TAB command will
install Office x86 with updates, Visio x86 without updates, activate both products and install the Office Tab.

For the unpacked version (.exe ? 2.5-3 GB), the same launch is performed as follows:

Install.exe -y -nr -gm2
"% WINDIR% \\ Temp \\ OFFICE2010 \\ AutorunHelper.exe" / O86U / V86N / KMS / TAB
The name of the Install.exe file must be replaced with the corresponding one.
You can not install products of different digits at the same time (Office x64 and Visio x86).
Changes in version 2018.03:

Built-in updates for March 2018
Individual MSP files are built into the assembly
Updated build information for embedded MSP files
Updated activator AAct to version 3.8.5
The assembly is again distributed in EXE format (instead of ZIP)
Changes in version 2018.04:

Updated for April 2018
Image checksums :
CRC32: 15C32381
MD5: 63E76501261158FE6BDF3431AB42B6CE
SHA-1: AFBB00477EE938765C2F3D6C4876251E71FF8499

CRC32: 70340FDD
MD5: FE25D031418D3A1FDBC821600D2654BA
SHA-1: 745F5D3143C2F71480F09DF96BA301048BCFE956

The composition of the package Microsoft Office Standard 2010 SP2:

Microsoft Excel 2010 SP2
Microsoft Outlook 2010 SP2
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 SP2
Microsoft Word 2010 SP2
Microsoft Publisher 2010 SP2
Microsoft OneNote2010 SP2
Checksums of images:

CRC32: 86934043
MD5: 2C62E13E1DC698232019D1D3A66D3849
SHA-1: F0FF50E33CFBAA85F46803E08E58A33D2FD0F715

MD5: B45E867DCED4FC076138E871145A0246
SHA-1: A9D19C3C44AA332C91025C9F8A58388FB779DEF2
Microsoft Office 2010 SP2 Professional Plus + Visio Premium + Project Pro / Standard 14.0.7197.5000

Microsoft Office 2010 SP2 Standard 14.0.7197.5000 x86/x64

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Microsoft Office 2010 SP2 Professional Plus + Visio Premium + Project Pro 14.0.7197.5000 x86/x64

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