FrameForge Storyboard Studio 4.0.3 Build 11 Stereo 3D Edition


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Jun 11, 2022
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FrameForge Storyboard Studio 4.0.3 Build 11 Stereo 3D Edition

FrameForge Storyboard Studio 4.0.3 Build 11 Stereo 3D Edition | Windows x64 | File Size: 468 MB

FrameForge 4 Pro is designed with the professional filmmaker in mind. If you are a working director, cinematographer, or VFX supervisor, FrameForge will save you time, money, and headaches. Previsualize the use of camera and support equipment including dollies, tracks, and jibs.

- Export and share detailed equipment reports listing all the physical equipment and requirements to get each shot.
- Import your script from industry-leading software like Final Draft, Movie Magic Screenwriter, Fade In, Celtx, and Adobe Story.
- Control air transparency, fog, smoke, and sunlight for even more control over your shots.


Create your entire film from script to scenes to shots before starting expensive production.

Fully experiment with camera angles, natural lighting, and expressive characters with a full range of emotions.

Optically match your camera, support hardware and limit your shots to a zoom range or focal prime set, lay dolly tracks and more.

Match the directors cameras settings and use real-time compositing and the drag-n-drop library to prep and show planned shots faster than ever before.

You'll save valuable time and money
Print, email, or upload your storyboards to the cloud. Your cast and crew will know exactly how to match the shot to your vision. Even import a script from a screenwriting program like Final Draft or Movie Magic Screenwriter.

What's New in FrameForge 4:

Live Backgrounds
Import photos from a real location to bring unparalleled realism to your FrameForge project Take any photograph of a set or location and match the camera properties of the original source image - either by reading camera data from the image itself, if available, or through a unique visual calibration function. You can then move your actors and props forward and back in the photograph as if they were in the actual 3D Space of the location. Unique Synch Mode locks your background to your camera so you can zoom, pan and tilt within the frame and the background moves as expected.

Incredible New Tweening functions
- New Waypoints Option lets actors "hit their marks" without stopping, allowing you to create complex, uninterrupted movements with ease
- New TIme-Shifting Option lets you put snapped frames exactly where you want in a sequence
- New Auto-Calculate Times & Duration lets you tell the program how fast you want an actor to move in tweened sequence (stroll, walk, jog or run) and then it will automatically set the durations for your actor to cover the distance in the tweens at the desired speed without any guesswork!

New Integrated Green Screen Compositing (Pro/Stereo Only)
Use FrameForge's all new integrated Green Screen Compositing for Virtual Set Compositing/Set Extensions, Image Plate Composition, and use either real-world Green Screen limitations or work free form in infinite Green Screen mode.

Object Cloning
Reduces the memory load of scenes with many objects and allows for posing of multiple actors/objects at one step, making it easy to create active crowd scenes with visual variety.

New Shooting Order (Pro/Stereo Only)
In addition to having your boards in Storyboard Order, you can now also have a Completely Different Shooting Order containing only those shots you want in your production boards, in the order you intend to shoot them.

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FrameForge Storyboard Studio 4.0.3 Build 11 Stereo 3D Edition

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