Extreme Wpi (X64) V0.2 7 April 2018


Jun 6, 2022
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Extreme Wpi (X64) V0.2 7 April  2018
Extreme Wpi (X64) V0.2 7 April /2018

Windows Post-Install Wizard (also known as WPI, for short) is a comprehensive application that will enable you to customize your Windows setup process by allowing you to select which applications may be installed by the end user along with the operating system. This tool eliminates the need for administrators and users to manually download the software files, or to create highly complex scripts for only one-time use. You ca use Windows Post-Install to create a custom configured and automated image that will let users to install any application.

Our Work:
Name:Extreme TeamOS WPI v0.1 ( First WPI )
Size:12.6 GB (13,633,656,832 bytes)
Tested:in Windows 10 17112.1 / 17115.1 / 16299.15 so supported : Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 x64
Applications:86 added!
Features:We hoping we will get more applications in the feature
Feedback:We hope our users will help us with more Feedback
Note:there is a change some apps have russian language so we are hoping you will report too us so we can remove it or the next one we will add english one
Cracked word: mean all applications is preacracked
About applications:We did a very good search in alot forums and we gather the most trusted application remember that will be always a change crack dosnt work or expired.!
How Too Use:
Download the iso
Extract it
Run the .exe
Choose the application you like
Start and waiting till finished ( recommended Restart for be sure)
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