Essential Skills 3d Mind Instantly And Easily Change Your Mind (2007) [2 Avi]


Jun 6, 2022
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Essential Skills   3d Mind  Instantly And Easily Change Your Mind (2007) [2 Avi]
Essential Skills - 3D Mind: Instantly And Easily Change Your Mind (2007) [2 AVI]
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The 3D Mind(tm) works on the following principle.
Problems are the result of a specific formula of associated states that create an unbalanced relationship between the primal brain and the creative adaptive brain. This creates an entire environment that the world gets sorted through. In the past I described it as a filter but I think 'environment describes it better because it is an all encompassing reality not just a filter.
The 3D Mind operates in the principle of associated emotional states. There are no patterns and there are no programs. There are associations and results from those associations.

These associations create an environment not a program. If someone is out of balance and is primarily in the creative/adaptive area of the brain, they tend to be lazy and unmotivated. The primal brain is a movement initiator and without it there is no movement.

If someone is primarily in the reptilian/primal brain, the person's reactions depend directly on the input of the moment. The reactions are unpredictable and unreasoned. The creative/adaptive part of the brain is a problem solver. Without it all decisions are emotionally based. There is constant movement but no steering.

These are environments not strategies. The 3D Mind(tm) deconstructs the associated states that are causing a problem and balances so that the creative/adaptive and the primal/reptilian work together.

The chemical driver of the creative/adaptive area of the brain is serotonin. The chemical driver for the primal/reptilian area of the brain is dopamine.

The environment created by the associated emotional states directly influences these two chemicals in the brain. These brain chemicals are supposed to be balanced.

But the associated emotional states create a group of neural connections that with the help of acetylcholine and adrenalin becomes very strong. These associations create an unbalanced environment.

So the 3D Mind(tm) is not just a model to follow. It has a direct connection to the structures of the brain and how the brain works physically and chemically. Working within that structure changes, that the other three processes that I mentioned could not get a result from, are occurring using the 3D Mind(tm).

This change occurs from discovering the structure and then balancing it. This involves the input from both the conscious and subconscious mind but no formal trance is needed. Involving the entire consciousness in the process generates a more powerful change than just the conscious mind or the unconscious mind because it gets input from the entire environment rather than just from part of it. This alters the environment and creates access to all areas of the brain. So clients can solve their own problems.

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