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Learning anything new is always a significant endeavor. I don't take for granted that there's an opportunity cost in taking this course. Trust that every aspect of this course, from the text and videos to the quizzes and curriculum have been meticulously thought over and debated. The end result is what we strongly believe is the most in-depth and effective way to learn TypeScript that exists. TypeScript Course

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What makes these courses different from other online courses?
Our courses are designed to teach you everything you need to know to confidently write production-ready code. The tradeoff is it will require more work and focus than a course that features a few bite-sized screencasts. Real learning takes time, but you can feel confident that once you've finished a course, you'll have mastered everything you need to know with minimal knowledge gaps.


TypeScript Overview
Typing in javascript
Getting TypeScript Configured
Basic Type Checking
Special TypeScript Types
Project: Tic Tac Toe
Type Narrowing
Advanced TypeScript Types
Transformation Types
Declaration Files
Advanced TypeScript Configuration
Advanced Transformation Types
Extra Topics
Project: Web Server

Table of Contents:

1 Introduction, Philosophy, and Tips
2 Why TypeScript?
3 javascript Types
4 Basic TypeScript Configuration
5 Implicit Type Checking
6 Adding Type Annotations
7 Typing Function Declarations
8 (Practice) Type Annotations
9 (Solution) Type Annotations
10 `any` and `unknown` types
11 Interfaces
12 (Practice) Interfaces
13 (Solution) Interfaces
14 Enum and Tuple Types
15 Void and Never Types
16 `type` aliases
17 Union Types

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