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Cinema 4D: Create Low Poly Toy Plane

Cinema 4D: Create Low Poly Toy Plane
 Cinema 4D: Create Low Poly Toy Plane
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Product Details In this course you will learn how to create "Low Poly 3D Model of Toy Plane" . You will learn all tools and techniques necessary to create any low poly 3d model in cinema 4D. Step by Step we will develop our project to create low poly model of plane and then at last we apply material.
Thanks to cinema 4D we will not need any external plugin to create any effect or particle. We will do all things in cinema 4D.Breifly, Cinema 4D is an extraordinary tool and beginner friendly so if you don't have any previous experience that's ok.

Throughout the nine videos of this course we will cover the process of creating low poly model in cinema 4D in detail.
What do you need to learn this course
  • A mid-range computer that can render 3D objects at average speed
  • Any version of Cinema 4D installed and ready to use (Preferably R18-S25)

What skills will you learn after taking this course
-  After taking this course, you will learn how 3d object behave.
- You will learn how manipulate 3D object like play with its (Vetices,Edges,Faces)
- You will play with lighting in Cinema 4D to create perfect render
- You will learn how to create PBR material in Cinema 4D
I hope you will enjoy this course as much as i like to make it.

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