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Unreal Engine 4: Make a Multiplayer First Person Shooter!

Unreal Engine 4: Make a Multiplayer First Person Shooter!
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My third course on Udemy is a much requested one: how to make a multiplayer FPS game in Unreal Ee 4 inspired by Counter-Strike!

Unreal Engine 4: Make a Multiplayer First Person Shooter!

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Here are some important notes before you purchase this course:

First of all, this is a course. What that means is I'm teaching you how to make different systems that are found in FPS games so you can expand on them in your own games and make them better.

Do not go into this course expecting me to make a game for you. It's important that you take what you learn and run off with it so you can build the game of your dreams.

Much of what you learn can be applied to all sort of game genres, not just FPS games. That's the beauty of learning this stuff.

You'll be a Blueprint pro by the you get through this course. We're making a lot of fun systems that aren't taught anywhere else!

The course is designed for bner to intermediate users of Unreal Ee 4. I do NOT recommend taking this course if you're completely new. Spend a few months going through the free Epic tutorials on Youtube so you can get familiar with the ee. You will have a much easier when you understand the fundamentals.

Because this game is designed with multiplayer from the very bning, expect it to be somewhat difficult if you're new. You will always have the video lectures to study, but you may have trouble understanding certain things if you're new to multiplayer programming in UE4.

The absolute BEST part of this course, in my opinion, is the advanced, predictable recoil system that isn't taught anywhere else. I made this on my own just for this course. There's no weapon bloom. It's predictable like the gunplay in CS:GO.

This allows your players to learn the recoil of different guns over . This makes the gunplay much more skill-based than Fortnite where it uses random recoil that isn't predictable (weapon bloom).

If this all sounds interesting to you, then join now and let's get started!




Unreal Engine 4: Make a Multiplayer First Person Shooter!

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