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What's new on Education Front in Indian Budget?

What's new on Education Front in Indian Budget?
Created by Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra | Last updated 2/2021
Duration: 39 mins | 1 section | 11 lectures | Video: 1280x720, 44 KHz | 252 MB
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Towards Excellence!

What's new on Education Front in Indian Budget?

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About Education Front of Indian Union Budget 2021

An Educator by choice

Education Budget towards Excellence. The module "What's new on Education Front in Indian Budget 2021?" explores learning about various attributes towards quality conscious steps and contribution towards making India a super knowledge power. The power of excellence is integrated and defined in the module of how and what way  of about 15,000 schools across the country will be strengthened quality wise and will serve as exemplar schools in that region. These schools will lead the way in helping other schools to achieve the goals of the National Education Policy. It manipulates the mention of National Professional Standards for Teachers (NPST) which will be developed to set standards for school teachers. This will impact around 92 lakh teachers currently in the public and private schools in the country. The module also activates the spectrum of Formal umbrella structures that will be set up to bring research institutions, colleges and universities in nine cities. These will help institutions have better synergy and also retain their internal autonomy. A special mention of A 'Glue Grant' will be set up for this purpose. The module also reflects as a priority of how the CBSE Board Exams reforms will be introduced in a phased manner from 2022-23. Students to be tested on conceptual clarity, analytical skills and application of knowledge to real-life situations, including the experiential learning format in a big way. There is also a special mention about need of skilling, via the set and explored Partnerships with the United Arab ates (UAE) to benchmark the skill levels of workforce and with Japan for skill transfer in particular.


Who this course is for:Parents/ Teachers/ Educators/ School Principals/ Learners of all age/ Professionals




What's new on Education Front in Indian Budget?

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