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Udemy - Vinyasa Flow Yoga; Getting Grounded, Centered and Balanced

Udemy - Vinyasa Flow Yoga; Getting Grounded, Centered and Balanced

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Udemy - Vinyasa Flow Yoga; Getting Grounded, Centered and Balanced

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What you'll learn
30 classes of Vinyasa Flow Yoga; learning with precision and joy.
Learn how your body can move with strength, and with ease.
Expand your energy beyond your immediate environment.
Get complete, clear physical instructions and anatomical understandings.
Learn how to delicately unite body, breath and mind in 30 ONE HOUR long classes.
Find tools to enhance your sense of your own sweet, unique presence.
Discover immediate and long lasting ways to let go of tensions, anxieties and stress.
Learn how to get grounded, to root with strength into the earth and find inner freedom.
To be open to the idea of finding newness within yourself.
Have a willingness to hold the possibility of going beyond that which you think you are capable of.
To love your journeying no matter what may arise to challenge you.
Laugh out when you fall over and get right back on it!
The Getting Grounded, Centered and Balanced course, with your Certified yoga teacher Niamh Condron, consists of 30 one hour long Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes. You may take this course in the duration of one month, as a 1-per-day 30 day programme, or, spread the course over as much time as you need. Over the following weeks, you will come to understand the sequences of Vinyasa Flow Yoga with clear, precise instructions. Niamh is an expert in honing presence, understanding anatomy and refining human movement. In your course you will learn how to connect to your body, your heart and your mind and in doing so discover the joy of being present; with strength, grace and sweetness.
On completion of your 30 days, or, 30 classes, you will receive a Certificate. This is acknowledging and celebrating your willingness, your efforts and your success in transforming your body, mind and life perceptions.
What will you fullfill in this course?
This course will guide you into strength and away from tensions. What doesn't serve you; you will let go of. What you need, to stand firmly on the earth; you will grow and nourish. You will learn to love being in your beautiful body.
You'll learn how to move your body into flexibility; with ease. You'll come to understand how less is more when it comes to transforming your experience of being in your body. Through each class you will be guided on how to tone the muscles; the major muscles as well as the deep internal muscles, in a way that becomes effortless.
During the course you'll work on expanding your energy, with trust, so that you connect to a wider environment. Expanding, yet keeping yourself grounded and secure on the earth you stand on. Here, you'll find a beautiful strength and safety within your comfortably moving body.
What you will be given in this course?
You'll be given complete, physical instructions by expert Yoga teacher Niamh Condron, during each of the thirty one hour long classes in this course. Each class has a specific body focus that you'll work on; feet, or legs, or core, or chest, or back or shoulders, so that you'll learn the safest ways to move well throughout the course.
You'll learn how to delicately unite body, breath and mind. You'll be given useful tools that help you sense your own sweet presence and you'll understand ways to let go of tensions and stress, that are immediate.
In the course, you'll learn how to root your body with strength into the earth, so that you gain energy and align with universal harmony. You will blossom and grow your unique power of self healing, self understanding and self compassion.
Getting Grounded, Centered and Balanced.
This course, of 30 one hour long Vinyasa Flow classes with your professional Certified yoga teacher Niamh, is an invitation; to find joy, surrender, readiness and new grounded strength.
Who this course is for:
Those of you who are curious to try Vinyasa Flow Yoga for the first time.
Men and woman who have practiced yoga for years and want to try a new pathway into what you know, trust and love.
And those who have some background in Vinyasa Yoga, are at Intermediate level, and are ready for learning more.

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Udemy - Vinyasa Flow Yoga; Getting Grounded, Centered and Balanced
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Udemy - Vinyasa Flow Yoga; Getting Grounded, Centered and Balanced

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Udemy - Vinyasa Flow Yoga; Getting Grounded, Centered and Balanced

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