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Complete Guide to Realistic Character Creation in Blender 2.83

Complete Guide to Realistic Character Creation in Blender 2.83
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Description : In this course, you will learn the complete process of creating a professional full body character that is ready for movies or for game cinematics.

Complete Guide to Realistic Character Creation in Blender 2.83

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We will begin by sculpting our character from scratch using a sphere. We will use a variety of Blender sculpting tools such as the Clay Strips brush, the Grab brush, Draw Sharp, Scrape, masking and many more. Once we have our primary forms down for our character, we will move on to retopologizing so we can get a clean mesh that will allow us to add more secondary and micro skin and cloth details. I will show you the correct way to create a nice topology for your character so it can be fully ready for production. We will dive into unwrapping our character, optimizing and organizing our UVs so we can get the most out of it for better higher quality resolution textures. With Blender's built-in paint mode, we will hand paint our character's skin and clothing from scratch. I will show you how to create textures and materials to achieve realistic looking eyes, fabric, leather, and metal. We will go through the baking process to create our normal maps for our character. To make realistic hair, we will use Blender's particle system. I will show you the proper method of styling hair so you will have full control and produce the type of hair style that you really want.

We will also go to the steps of modeling a detailed medallion and an amazing looking sword that will serve as a prop for our character. Last you will light and render a beautiful image that you can use to boost your portfolio.

This course is for intermediate artists so before you dive into this, make sure that you have at least a basic understanding of Blender.

If you are looking to create a character that is 100% made in Blender, then this course is for you. You will learn sculpting, 3d modeling, unwrapping, texturing, baking, lighting, rendering, and compositing all just using one single outstanding program.

1. Introduction
2. Sculpting the Basic Forms
3. Retopologizing
4. Unwrapping, Detailing, Baking & Texturing
5. Eye Creation
6. Medallion Creation
7. Hair Creation
8. Sword Creation
9. Extra Tweaks, Rendering, & Compositing




Complete Guide to Realistic Character Creation in Blender 2.83

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