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Evenant - Cinematic Music 2 - FIrst Track and Beyond

Evenant - Cinematic Music 2 - FIrst Track and Beyond
Author : Arn Anderson | Duration : 11+ hours | Language : English | 31.41 GB
Video : AVC, 1680x1048 <3360x2100, 16:10, 30fps, 4541 kb / s
Audio : AAC, 44.0 kHz, 317 kb / s, 2 channels

Description : Cinematic Music II is an educational toolkit that continues where CM1 left off filled with a wide range of resources on how to improve your cinematic writing and achieve a more professional sound.

Evenant - Cinematic Music 2 - FIrst Track and Beyond

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Imagine writing stronger melodies, more interesting harmonies, better ostinats and beautiful textures, grand statements and captivating track structures - never again feeling overwhelmed or confused.
In over 11 hours of video covering 42 different methods, you'll find a wide range of principles that you can instantly apply to take your tracks to the next level. This course is full of tips to help you improve your playing,
from the first tracks - and beyond!

Here's what you will learn
How to make your tunes more memorable and how to turn one melody into a dozen different themes.
Expanding Your Harmonic Language with Modal Interchange, Chromatic Median Modulations, and Powerful Voices and Inversions Once you have
mastered the 5 different types of ostinato, understand how they affect your tracks and know when to use them.
Understanding the use of modes such as Dorian, Mixolydian and Lydian, how to use them, and how they affect your themes.
Create beautiful, lush orchestral textures and pads from scratch to breathe extra life into your mockups and compositions.
How to create more fun track structure, big climaxes and dynamic journeys over 4 minutes long
Essential principles for arranging massive wind and choir performances, dangerous mistakes to avoid, and tips for creating powerful sound.
How to quickly turn a simple idea into a beautiful string arrangement, and then into a full orchestral statement.
Including soft velvet passages, live orchestral runs and accents, deep impulses and epic percussion in your tracks
... and much more!

What you get in the course
7 modules covering topics from topic writing to track structure, orchestration and production
Exclusive Cinematic Music II band on the Evenant platform
Over 11 hours of video content
Splitting 2 orchestral pieces
45-minute workshop on the most common mistakes and how to avoid them

Module 1 - Introduction
Module 2 - Melody & Harmony (Tips)
Module 3 - Ostinatos & Textures
Module 4 - Track Structure Tricks
Module 5 - Power of the Orchestra
Module 6 - Beyond the Orchestra
Module 7 - Analysis & Breakdown




Evenant - Cinematic Music 2 - FIrst Track and Beyond

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