Zuken E?.series 2018 version 19.10 Update


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Jun 11, 2022
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Zuken E?.series 2018 version 19.10 Update
Zuken E?.series 2018 version 19.10 Update | 295.4 mb

The Zuken product team has released an update to E?.series 2018 version 19.00. The latest release contains new and enhanced functionality that further increases productivity throughout all phases of engineering, from design to manufacture.

What's new in E?.series 2018 version 19.10:
Designer-11031 Possible to place a dynamic symbol within a block
Designer-30949 Connector pin terminal symbol is not displayed when placing a new device view with the setting ''Use active connector pin terminal''
Designer-31053 Incorrect display of drill hole in cutout
Designer-31054 A 'Graphic' is, wrongly, displayed in a drill hole
Designer-31056 Cutouts in 3D representation of E3.panel might be displayed beyond the original model
Designer-31061 ¶ (Pilcrow) in output window with Russian operating system
Designer-31215 Chinese characters with specific fonts are not displayed at PDF Export
Designer-31269 Impossible to directly connect a feed-through connector with single pin display from within the Database window - 'Invalid position - Cannot place ALL the symbols; command aborted.'
Designer-31431 The COM method "sym.PLacePins" doesn?t work when an assembly is defined as connector pin terminal
Designer-31533 Symbol graphic is changed after connecting MIL connectors by using variants
Designer-31591 Using Multiple Selection of graphic elements enables display of arrowheads on full circles
Designer-31641 Regarding the space requirement, model views are not considered correctly when editing the model in Database Editor
Designer-31682 Sheet access permission (for Delete Sheet) only works when the sheet has been opened before
Designer-31696 Wrong display of terminal jumpers in Panel in 2D
Designer-31732 When resetting the Database tree, folders and contents remain expanded
Designer-31775 Wire jumper is not displayed in panel
Designer-31807 No display of signal logic lines between connector views of block connectors (hierarchical connectors also) when an additional mating connector is connected to the block connector
Designer-31845 The following warning appears at update of an attribute text template symbol which is located on a connection line passing a block 'W - Symbol type for following symbols not changed. .Symbol {2} (symbol was previously not assigned to a block, now it would be assigned (because of space requirement rectangle)) W - Not all changes of symbol type were completed successfully!!'
Designer-31895 Double display of graphics by COM script exporting PDF from Formboard sheet
Designer-31898 Device table shows attributes of the component, when 'Device' and 'Component' are defined as owners for the attribute
Designer-31902 Write protection via read-only level does not work for graphic groups
Designer-32041 When a numeric prefix and postfix (suffix) is used for wire numbering, the placeholder for the number of digits is incorrectly incremented
Designer-32043 When starting the DBE from E3.series, the maximum permitted sheet number affects the number of opened objects and leads to following message at graphic copy "Maximum of x sheets exceeded!"
Designer-32046 Error 'E - Error in function hncpst\\get_valid_composites(), ret = 1' when copying a block symbol whereas the block owns a 'component without structure' without taking the structure and the block connectors don't have a component description assigned
Designer-32048 DBE: Component table - line may be locked after copying and pasting
Designer-32064 In specific circumstances, it might happen that the variant type cannot be changed
Designer-32071 Nodes can't be deleted in Formboard
Designer-32076 E3.panel - certain circumstances may cause incorrect wire lenghts and cable ducts are not recognized
Designer-32086 Selected connect lines on panel sheet are displayed differently
Designer-32100 PDF export might interrupt with error ''E - Following error has occurred while exporting to PDF: A link annotation refers to nonexisting page '4''
Designer-32102 The E3.viewer converts Multiuser-projects => Project can't be opened with Viewer if it has to be converted
Designer-32122 The COM method "Job.HighlightAttribute" doesn't work with internal attribute name
Designer-32125 Not all model instances are updated in project
Designer-32138 E3 may crash under certain circumstances, when the COM method "sht.ImportDXF" is called with empty file name
Designer-32150 The COM call "Job.JumpToId" resets all previously set highlights at item ID of ItemType 110 (group) although the setting "Keep existing highlights when jumping" is active
Designer-32155 Incorrect docking of cable duct in E3.panel after modification
Designer-32158 The option "Copy from selected sheet" does not work for text types "Name 1" (#40) and "Name 2" (#48)
Designer-32175 The COM function 'Sht.GetSymbolIds' returns inactive symbols although the corresponding option is not active
Designer-32204 Wrong representation with PDF export (and all other exports) at ballooning
Designer-32209 PDF/A Export not possible "Following error occurred during the PDF export: Handle parameter or option of type 'font' has bad value -1"
Designer-32210 SVG file in combination with HCV export of E3.3DRoutingBridge is incomplete
Designer-32236 Change on pin attribute interrupts with following message "Locked device(s) xxxxxx has been changed. Your changes will be reverted."
Designer-32241 Opening / editing a component in Database Editor may cause an infinite loop under certain circumstances
Designer-32244 E3.ReportScripts: Add-ons - E3.series documents - Create BOM: Price is not listed, when article number of component differs from the component name
Designer-32246 No ability to insert negative Z-coordinates in DBE in the node coordinates from a model pin - message - 'I - The value must be between 0.00 and 1000000000000.00'
Designer-32256 E3 wrongly jumps to Pin Table when the pin is displayed in the column "Connection Target"
Designer-32258 Cable duct inlet/outlet in assembly can't be deleted or moved anymore
Designer-32269 The attribute '.Wiretype_Default' is not evaluated at signals of a signal class
Designer-32286 When a connector doesn't have a general connector symbol, it cannot be assigned to a block in DBE
Designer-32287 COM: The COM method "Pin.GetCableDuctIds" returns cable ducts twice
Designer-32300 Pin attributes in a formboard table subrow are not displayed
Designer-32317 Error message "Error in function int CheckConnectionLimit::exchange_cavity_parts_for_pins(), ret = 1" after creation, closing and reopening a multi-user project - with multiple wire crimps
Designer-32319 Incorrect sorting of selection list for 'Connection type'
Designer-32328 Entries in the device table are missing from version 18.33 on
Designer-32337 GraphInterface::SetImageInfo can't embed TIF images
Designer-32340 COM: The COM method "GetBomPartList" returns incorrect amounts for additional parts
Designer-32345 Multi-user project cannot be opened due to text conflict after this text has been deleted in another Client (e.g. Update in Project, Change Component, Change Symbol)
Designer-32351 Incorrect length calculation for conductors/wires in cable duct references due to double elements having variants assigned
Designer-32383 When inserting multiple wire names and defining angle brackets () as format string, the wire names are no longer incremented

About Zuken E?.series. E3.series is a Windows-based, scalable, easy-to-learn system for the design of wiring and control systems, hydraulics and pneumatics. The out-of-the-box solution includes schematic (for circuit and fluid diagrams), cable (for advanced electrical and fluid design), panel (for cabinet and panel layout), and formboard (for 1:1 wiring harness manufacturing drawings). Integrated with MCAD, E3.series is a complete design engineering solution from concept through physical realization and manufacturing output.

About Zuken. Zuken is a global provider of leading-edge software and consulting services for electrical and electronic design and manufacturing. Founded in 1976, Zuken has the longest track record of technological innovation and financial stability in the electronic design automation (EDA) software industry. The company's extensive experience, technological expertise and agility, combine to create world-class software solutions. Zuken's transparent working practices and integrity in all aspects of business produce long-lasting and successful customer partnerships that make Zuken a reliable long-term business partner.

Product: Zuken E?.series
Version: 2018 version 19.10 Update
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
Website Home Page :

Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer / Server 2008 or 2012
Software Prerequisites: Zuken E?.series 2018 version 19.10
Size: 295.4 mb

Zuken E?.series 2018 version 19.10 Update

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