VA - Loeb: Musica Transpacifica (2018)


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Jun 11, 2022
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VA - Loeb: Musica Transpacifica (2018)
Artist: VA
Title: Loeb: Musica Transpacifica
Year Of Release: 2018
Label: Centaur
Genre: Classical Music
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Total Time: 1:01:02
Total Size: 147 Mb

On this album David Loeb features his compositions that attempt to reconcile the seemingly incompatible combinations of viols with traditional Japanese instruments and voice. The result is a truly unique and satisfying musical experience. David Loeb was born in 1939 in New York into a family which took music and painting very seriously. He studied composition with Peter Pindar Stearns at the Mannes College of Music in New York, and then completed a master's degree at Yale. 1964 became a critical year for his future. He began teaching at Mannes and has remained on the faculty there ever since, simultaneously teaching at the Curtis Institute from 1973 until 2000. Receiving a commission to compose a piece for an early music ensemble resulted a continuing involvement with writing for historical instruments, especially viols. Later that same year he began studying traditional Japanese music with Shinichi Yuize. This also resulted in a permanent and intense involvement (not only as a composer) and a succession of collaborative projects with Yuize-san until his recent passing away.


1. Yukimi Kambe - Jiuta 03:54
2. Kazuko Nakashima - Uchiwae: I. Lento 05:13
3. Kazuko Nakashima - Uchiwae: II. Lento 03:22
4. Kazuko Nakashima - Uchiwae: III. Moderato 01:28
5. Suizan Sakai - Doutaku Hankyou: I. Andante 02:18
6. Suizan Sakai - Doutaku Hankyou: II. Allegro 01:23
7. Suizan Sakai - Doutaku Hankyou: III. Lento 03:20
8. Suizan Sakai - Doutaku Hankyou: IV. Allegro vivo 02:03
9. Kazuko Nakashima - Fuyugomori 08:40
10. Mayumi Miyata - Ganya 06:44
11. Suizan Sakai - Unkai: I. Allegro 03:19
12. Suizan Sakai - Unkai: II. Poco lento 05:09
13. Suizan Sakai - Unkai: III. Grazioso 02:51
14. Kazuko Nakashima - Harukasumi 08:25
15. Yukimi Kambe - The Nocturnal Conclave of Foxes 02:46





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