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Jun 6, 2022
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Todd - Winnergame
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Hey guys, today I went to and realized his new FREE course, Winner Game, is now live. I’ve watched the “Lies of Pickup Exposed” module and so far I am very very impressed. Todd confirms some of the suspicions I’ve had about certain aspects of game and pickup “gurus” without listing specific names or PUA companies.

I’m on the Winner Game module now and I love it. I have always suspected that I probably resonate more with Todd than any other instructor from RSD. He just seems so authentic and not try-hard at all. Todd calls the Winner Game Module, “Inner Game that doesn’t suck” or “Inner Game that’s not for losers” and so far I totally agree.

He also has an Infield module with 4 infield breakdowns. I’ve watched the first one and LOVED it. Todd’s game is definitely more my speed than some of the flashy, gimmicky type of PUA teachers who cherry pick their infield footage.Todd’s game is highly technical and logical which, if you’re a grounded, intellectual, “left-brained” kinda guy, will be right up your alley. I mean... when I watch a lot of RSD videos, I have a tendency to roll my eyes quite a bit. But with Todd, I know instantly that he’s preaching straight from the Survival Scroll. The logic just resonates with me.

If you’re a more emo type of guy who has a flair for the dramatic, I would like you to be very open-minded and give Todd’s Winner Game a chance. Some of the infield footage from Tyler & Julien may look very exciting and motivate you to try those things yourself, which is fine, but you still need a logical, technical foundation so you develop an adequate baseline of competence.

Thanks to Shanegambler for the upload.

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