Thinking As A Teaching Learning Strategy


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Jun 11, 2022
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Types of thinking and ability to use mind maps to structure thinking process

What you'll learn
The participant will be able to think to think and learn to learn.
Through the course, we will be thinking on whether thinking can be taught We will be covering various types of thinking and understand metacognition
The participants will be able to explore the need to think. They will be able to create thinking classrooms.
They will be able to derive and apply various thinking types to their lesson plan .
They will be able to recognize group work as an important way to foster thinking

No teaching experience required . An open mind capable of thinking is all it will take to do this course.

Through the course, we will be thinking on whether thinking can be taught We will be covering various types of thinking, metacognition that is the the process of thinking and implementing the thinking process in our classrooms.This course is going to be helpful in any context of classroom experience especially in the k-12 domain.What does thinking entail Can we really teach how to think It is a huge topic and requires in-depth discussion on its various facets. However, I have tried to put it into a few sessions that will broadly define the idea of a classroom that thinks and learns .What do we do when we thinkWe will be learning and discussing about thinking SkillsWhat will happen if we become aware of our thinking Can we become more efficient and more creative with our minds.Is all about how to become aware of our thinking process, thus inculcate and train ourselves to become effective thinkers!When we think, we think practically, critically, analytically, creatively and logically.How are all of these differentBroadly we will talk aboutwhat are the types of thinkingLet us now talk about these thinking types with a few examples:What are Steps of Critical Thinking and what kind of strats can we use to foster creative thinking in our classrooms.What is to see the thoughts as displays and how to define the underlying thought process!For learning to happen, it is imperative to maintain a good learning environment. By putting the thoughts in front of you will be able to analyse, evaluate, and manipulate your thoughts and ideas.Understanding the thinking process helps to create a good learning environment.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Types of thinking

Lecture 2 Types of thinking

Section 3: Critical and creative thinking

Lecture 3 Critical and creative thinking

Section 4: Organize your thinking

Lecture 4 Organize your thinking

Section 5: organize your thinking skills using mind maps

Lecture 5 Using mindmaps

Section 6: Way Forward

Lecture 6 Way forward

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