Joe Soto Local Consulting Academy (2017)


Jun 6, 2022
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Joe Soto   Local Consulting Academy (2017)
Joe Soto - Local Consulting Academy (2017)
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Whether you are a new or seasoned business coach, consultant or agency owner, you're already aware that local businesses need help, particularly when it comes to leveraging digital marketing to grow sales. And they'll pay you every month to help them, every single month. You just have to know how to find them, how to sell them, how to actually help them and how to keep the referral engine going so you can keep them long term.

1) finding clients
2) selling, presenting and closing new clients
3) getting client results by delivering digital marketing and coaching services
4) getting ongoing referrals
5) effectively scaling your business to 6 figures, 7 figures and beyond.
Restaurants, salons/medspas, realtors, contractors/home improvement, chiropractors, speciality health practitioners, HVAC, weight loss clinics, retail businesses, attorneys, commerce businesses, and more - they all are struggling in a hyper-competitive local business environment.
US$997 Only
Over 17 years consulting experience - 10 years of sales training and sales consulting and over 7 years with my own digital marketing agency with over 500 clients.
Started my first social media agency in 2010. Our clients since have included an impressive list of over 500 businesses in over 34 U.S. States, as well as international clients in three countries. Clients currently range from a broad variety of industries including technology, health, fitness, home improvement, automotive, restaurant, and hotels.
My agency has been behind the scenes for some of the biggest names in business. Most notably, my companies have helped many celebrated New York Times Bestselling authors and hall-of-fame speakers with their online marketing campaigns. Some of our most notable clients we've helped include Jeffrey Gitomer, Harvey Mackay, Joe Calloway, Terri Sjodin, Dave Winfield, Tom Hopkins, The Og Mandino Group and Mark Sanborn.
I'm currently doing everything I'm teaching in the course - I'm in the trenches every week prospecting, selling and delivering results for clients, always testing new strategies. I share these in-the-trenches stories with you each week in my FB Live updates and Q & A sessions.
10 Weeks, 8 BIG Modules With Over 82 Lessons
Here is what you'll learn in this massive 10 Week Course.
- Getting Started: In this module we'll cover the mindset that is the basis for how you approach your local consulting business and your clients. You'll learn the four key philosophies that drive your success with clients and help you price your services. We'll also cover the top 5 local niches to focus on and how to access the local competition.
- Finding Local Clients (Prospecting): In this module we'll focus on targeting the right clients and how to approach client prospects. We'll also dive into the 17 Ways to Find Clients. Well cover how to market your value and how to get past the gatekeepers and how to properly set appointments. You'll get my Cold Call Email Letter Templates as well.
- Selling Clients (Presenting & Closing): In this module, perhaps the most important in the entire course, you'll discover how to price your services with confidence, how to present your services and how to close. You'll learn specific sales techniques to gain agreement and position yourself as a trusted advisor. You'll learn how to write proposals and you'll get my proposal checklist, proposal and agreement templates. Some of the additional lessons in this module are how to have a discovery meeting, how to pre-frame, how to gain instant credibility, how to have a sales conversations vs pitching, how to read your customer's communication style, asking relationship building questions, how to the prospects current situation and goals, how to demonstrate empathy, educating and Positioning, how to gain permission to be critical, the art of telling stories to persuade, how to give an effective and persuasive demonstration and presentation, and how to recognizing buying signals. Then, you'll learn how to close, how to ask for the business and how to get a decision on your timeline, not theirs.
- Overcoming Objections: In this module you'll learn the art of inoculating objections, overcoming them before they come up. Lessons include, positioning against competitors, handling price objections, overcoming stalls positioning the relationship, how to position a follow up and set expectations.
Week 6, Module 5 - Advanced Persuasion Skills: In this module you'll learn some advanced strategies for persuading clients. I'm going against the advice of others who have suggested I sell this module as a separate course because there is so much material.
- Managing Clients and Getting Results: In this module you'll access lessons covering how to get client payment and invoicing, what services to outsource, how to outsource your services, and how to manage your clients and their projects. We'll also cover how to use digital marketing to get results for your local clients, including how to leverage Facebook advertising to drive market reach, build the client's email database, and ultimately increase sales. Yes, I'll show you proven local marketing funnels that you can use to create the same results for your clients. I'm going to give you the 75 page digital marketing plan template to use for your clients - this alone is worth half the fee of the course because of the time it saves you. We'll also cover how to use email and mobile marketing for local clients, and how to sell these services to make additional revenue for your consulting business or agency.
- How to Generate Ongoing Referrals: In this module you'll learn how to leverage the three type of referrals, 1) client referrals, 2) non client, and 3) indirect referrals. As you begin to establish your consulting business, you'll learn how to get clients coming to you.
- Your Next Level: Scaling Your Business: In this module you'll learn some strategies to scale your business from 6 to 7 figures. I show you exactly how to structure your business and team for profit so you don't have to worry about cash flow and your time being spread too thin.
- More than 10 lessons! You'll get access to an updated slideshow PPT social media presentation (180+ slides) that you can deliver via webinar or at an in-person local event - and you can customize it to your business and brand. You'll also get the new lesson on "How to Make Your Videos Go Viral on YouTube." In this module you'll learn from a young entrepreneur how he exploded his company's YouTube Channel to over 700K subscribers, and how they've gotten millions of views of their videos - without spending a dollar on advertising.
Bonus #1: Access to the LCA exclusive Facebook Group page where I'm active daily & have weekly FB Live Q&A.
Bonus #2: 1 Free ticket to my Live LCA Mastermind event coming this January 12th - 14th ($2,000 value).

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