Hands-on Java 10 Programming with JShell


Jun 6, 2022
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Hands-on Java 10 Programming with JShell
Hands-on Java 10 Programming with JShell
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This practical video series will help you master Java SE 10's JShell core concepts, commands, and advanced features, so you can become an interactive programming Ninja.

By the end of the first section, you will have mastered JShell, Java 10's REPL (Read-Evaluate-Print Loop) flagship feature that enables you to quickly explore, discover, and experiment with the Java language and API features. You'll learn to reduce boilerplate coding using the new Java 10 feature var Local-Variable Type Inference while maintaining Java's compile-time type checking. We supply quick examples to help you understand what can and can't be done with this feature. Then you'll start and exit a JShell session, declare variables, evaluate expressions, import classes, and execute and edit code snippets.

The second section delves into more advanced and complex JShell features. You'll edit code snippets and save them to a file, open a JShell snippets file to evaluate them, and set and use your favorite external editor to edit snippets. You'll declare and use classes and methods, and learn how to use the auto-complete feature to display method parameters and overloads. You'll work with JShell commands, and show the Java API documentation in JShell, learn how JShell wraps exceptions, and how to control JShell's feedback level for more verbose information.

Finally, the third and last section will give you out-of-the-box ideas; it will show you how to import a custom package and modules for use in a JShell session, how JShell reinterprets Java for interactive use, and will provide hands-on experience of how to use the JDK internal API to develop an application to execute Java code such as Unix Shell scripts.

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