Growth Mindset, Grit, And Neuroplasticity, For Success !


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Jun 11, 2022
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Insights from Neuroplasticity, Mindset, and Grit : for Excellence, Success, and Happiness, Leaders, Managers, others !

What you'll learn
The Research Findings, from Neuroplasticity, Mindset, Grit, the 10,000 Hours, Purposeful Practice, and more ...
A Systematic Plan to Develop your Skills, and Achieve Excellence, through my 4-Factor Excellence Model
Learn about the Research, Insights, and Analysis, on Effort, Development, Resilience, and Agility
How to apply all those Insights and Research to gather Lessons for your work, and life

No pre-requisites, other than an interest in, and curiosity to know about, the real research behind Excellence and Success.

When we see someone excel in some field, and achieve amazing things, what do we think of that excellence, and success We usually tend to think of that person as a genius, a gifted or talented individual, who demolishes challenges, succeeding at every turn. Because their capabilities and skills are innate, and success comes easy in that case.But is that the true picture, or is there more to it than that We explore the Iceberg Illusion of Success, and find out about the facts and myths associated with excellence, and success !This Course delves deep into the ingredients for excellence and expertise, based on the research and findings from Neuroscience and Psychology. It covers the popular concepts of Neuroplasticity, the Fixed and Growth Mindsets, 10,000 Hours, Deliberate and Purposeful Practice, Grit, Agility, and Resilience. You will be surprised at some of the Research Findings, but it will provide valuable lessons !This Course is a must-have for anyone who wants to know about the real facts and research behind excelling, and succeeding, in any endeavour ! Yes, excellence and success are hard work, but the good news is that you are not constrained by innate traits, and can develop the skills, abilities and expertise to succeed, with the right knowledge, and training !Courtesy Pixabay, Freepik, Bensound, and Videvo, for some images and videos.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction, Part 1

Lecture 2 Course Introduction, Part 2

Lecture 3 Course Curriculum/Roadmap

Lecture 4 Instructor Introduction

Section 2: Neuroplasticity

Lecture 5 Neuroplasticity, Part 1

Lecture 6 Neuroplasticity, Part 2

Lecture 7 Neuroplasticity, Part 3

Lecture 8 Neuroplasticity, Part 4

Lecture 9 Neuroplasticity, Part 5

Lecture 10 Neuroplasticity, Part 6

Lecture 11 Moving on, to the 4 factor model ...

Lecture 12 The Importance of Research

Section 3: Effort, the First Factor, in our 4-Factor Excellence Model !

Lecture 13 Effort, Part 1

Lecture 14 Effort, Part 2

Lecture 15 Effort, Part 3

Lecture 16 Effort, Part 4

Lecture 17 Effort, Part 5

Lecture 18 Effort, Part 6

Lecture 19 Practice Exercise

Section 4: Development, the next Factor in our 4 Factor Excellence Model !

Lecture 20 Development, Part 1

Lecture 21 Development, Part 2

Lecture 22 Development, Part 3

Lecture 23 Development, Part 4

Lecture 24 Development, Part 5

Lecture 25 Development, Part 6

Lecture 26 Development, Part 7

Lecture 27 A Request !

Section 5: Resilience, the next Excellence Factor in our 4 Factor Model !

Lecture 28 Resilience, Part 1

Lecture 29 Resilience, Part 2

Lecture 30 Resilience, Part 3

Lecture 31 Resilience, Part 4

Lecture 32 Grit - A Case Study !

Section 6: Agility, the final Factor in our Excellence Model !

Lecture 33 Agility, Part 1

Lecture 34 Agility, Part 2

Lecture 35 Agility, Part 3

Lecture 36 Agility, Part 4

Lecture 37 Practice Exercise

Section 7: Conclusions

Lecture 38 Another Case Study, Part 1

Lecture 39 Another Case Study, Part 2

Lecture 40 Conclusions, Part 1

Lecture 41 Conclusions, Part 2

Section 8: Extra Content Section

Lecture 42 Questionnaire Score Interpretation

Lecture 43 Carol Dweck TED Video (link in enclosed PDF)

Lecture 44 Angela Duckworth Video (link in enclosed PDF)

Lecture 45 Credits

Lecture 46 How to your UDEMY CERTIFICATE

Anyone who wants to excel, and become an Expert, in any field, and succeed !,Management Students who want to know about Excellence and Success,Leaders and Managers, who want to know about Excellence and Success



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