Facilitation Skills: The Core Skill Of Great Team Leaders


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Jun 11, 2022
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A guide to the skills of leading teams whether remote virtual teams or in person

What you'll learn
1. To gain an understanding of the essential skills and behavior of effective team leaders.
2. To practice those behaviors that lead to optimum participation and commitment to action by team members.
3. To learn the critical listening skills that are essential to all personal communications and to team leadership.
4. To understand when and how to use each of three decision-making styles: command, consultative and consensus.
5. To learn how to both give and receive feedback, or "straight-talk", in a manner that leads of learning and continuous improvement.
6. To learn the critical skills of effective leading virtual teams to effective performance.

They should give consideration what to what type of team they are leading, who the members are, and some assessment or observation of the teams strengths and weaknesses.

If you are an entrepreneur, a manager wanting to move up in responsibility, or someone who simply wants to work well with others, this course provides the essential skills of leading teams. You cannot succeed today without the skills of leading groups well. The instructor has been developing teams and team leaders, from the CEO's of Fortune 500 companies, to front line teams in manufacturing plants, for the past forty years. He is the author of ten books on teams, leadership and lean management. He has worked with Honda and Toyota, Shell Oil Company, American Express and dozens of other corporations as well as small start ups. He has been the CEO of a consulting firm for twenty five years. In other words, he has a great deal of experience in team leadership and facilitation. This course provides all of the essential skills of creating unity of energy and effort on a team; bring the team to consensus; and conducting virtual team meetings. This course provides the knowledge and skills that will be essential to your capability as a leader. Purpose & Objectives:To contribute to your success as a manager by becoming a great team leader.To enable you to bring out the best from your team;to harvest the collective wisdom of your team members;and to lead team meetings in which all participants feel heard, decision based on the wisdom of the team;and action plans are developed and followed to results.Sections of the Course:1.Introduction2.8 Essential Skills3.Choosing a Decision Style4.Dialogue: Thinking Together5.Effective Listening Skills6.Giving and Receiving Feedback7.Virtual Team Facilitation

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Team Facilitation

Lecture 2 What is Facilitation

Lecture 3 Introduction to the Resources

Lecture 4 Resources

Lecture 5 Assignment #1: Behavior Observation and Reinforcement

Section 2: The Eight Essential Facilitation Skills

Lecture 6 The Eight Skills - Organizing

Lecture 7 The Eight Skills - Clarifying

Lecture 8 The Eight Skills - Reflecting

Lecture 9 The Eight Skills - Motivating

Lecture 10 The Eight Skills - Comforting

Lecture 11 The Eight Skills - Controlling

Lecture 12 Concluding A Topic or Meeting

Lecture 13 Assignment # 2: Facilitation Skills Practice

Lecture 14 Resolving Conflicts within the Team

Lecture 15 Resolving Conflicts 2

Lecture 16 Assignment #3: Practice Resolving Conflicts

Section 3: How to Choose A Decision Making Style

Lecture 17 Clarifying Decision Styles

Lecture 18 How to Reach Consensus

Section 4: Dialogue: Learning to Think Together Rather than Alone

Lecture 19 Dialogue versus Debate

Lecture 20 Dialogue: Behavioral Characteristics

Lecture 21 Assignment #4: Are You in Dialogue or Debate

Section 5: Effective Listening Skills

Lecture 22 Body Language

Lecture 23 Asking Open-ended Questions

Lecture 24 Reflective Listening

Lecture 25 Expressing Empathy

Lecture 26 Acknowledging and Using Silence

Lecture 27 Assignment #5: Coaching Effective Listening Skills

Section 6: Giving and Receiving Feedback - "Straight Talk"

Lecture 28 "Straight Talk" - A Model for Giving Feedback

Lecture 29 "Straight Talk" - A Model for Receiving Feedback

Lecture 30 Assignment #6: Practice Giving and Receiving Feedback

Section 7: Virtual Team Facilitation

Lecture 31 Facilitating Virtual Meetings - Pre and Post Work

Lecture 32 Fourteen Tips for Great Virtual Meetings

Section 8: Summary of Team Facilitation and Communication

Lecture 33 Summary and Actions

This course is for anyone who currently or in the future will lead teams and who wishes to improve their facilitation, communication, and decision-making skills.



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