Easy Sketch Pro v3.0.6 (Mac OSX)


Jun 6, 2022
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Easy Sketch Pro v3.0.6 (Mac OSX)

Easy Sketch Pro v3.0.6 (Mac OSX) | 250.16 MB

"THE #1 Doodle Software Allows You To Create Amazing and NEW Interactive Sketch Videos, SkyRocket Engagement And Boost Sales by 337% for ANY Business" NEW Interactive Edition allows LIVE links in video to Facebook, YouTube , Skype, Sound Cloud and many more.
Upload Any Live Video - The Software Will Sketch out the Opening Scene Transition From Sketch to Live - Breathtaking!
- Upload any video and the software will sketch out the opening scene then make the mind blowing effect from Sketch to Live Video
- User can set the drawing time of the sketch before it transitions to LIVE video
- Add your own music or voice over to both sketch and/or live video

Sketch Any Text, Image, Music or Voice Over To The LIVE Video
- Add Your Own Text With Drag 'N' Drop Interface
- Add Your Own background music, voice over or select from our vast library of ready made tracks
- Add your own images or use our huge resource of royalty free images
- Everything is totally 100% customizable

Import Any Video Onto The Timeline While Your Sketch Video Is Playing
- Drop In a Live Video While Your Sketch Video Is Playing With a few clicks
- Extremely Powerful - Imagine selling this to local businesses like fitness clients and restaurants. You include a live video of their service like cooking or a gym routine while the sketch does the rest.
- DOUBLE engagement by switching up things and keeping viewers entertained. The longer they stay the greater the chance of the sale.

Choose From Our Stunning Library of Amazing Backgrounds
- Don't want to start on a blank canvas? No problem! Now you can choose from various professional canvas types.
- From the glittering lights of a billboard in New York to the sun drenched beaches of Cancun, you can really make your sketch video come alive like never before.

Over 50 New Pens, Brushes, Chalk, Crayons At Your Fingertips
- Spice up your sketch video and tailor to your EXACT audience with this amazing new feature
- Selling something for a particular audience? Then choose from any gender, colour, race to your liking. If your selling male fitness naturally a male hand would make more sense.
- Create the EXACT style of video you want... Do you prefer a chalk effect, brush, hard pen, crayon, e.g. for kids teaching?

Amazing Social Media Integration - Tie Into Facebook, Youtube, Twitter , Sound Cloud and Add Hot Spots
- Amazing New Technology lets you think "Interactive Hotspots" LIVE in your video
- Example when you discuss your Facebook page you can say "Click our FB Icon now" and it will open in a new window to your Fan Page. Input any URL you want.
- Add Sound cloud. Are you a musician or podcaster? Get people to interact and listen to your audio tracks like never before
- You Tube - Link To Your YouTube Channel or even link to a YouTube video you don't even own. Leverage other peoples content
- Choose the EXACT time you want the hot spot to appear and disappear - you are in full control!

Collect Optins With All Major Autoresponders & Manual Option
- Capture Optins live from inside your sketch video
- Auto Integrates with most popular Auto Responder such as Aweber, Get Response, Mail Chimp, Send Reach, Go To Webinar,
- Add Your Own Auto Responder via manual html code option available too
- Multiple interactive icons to choose from various colours and sizes - over 50 in our library

Built in Video Analytics, Retargeting + Add Google Analytics
- Built in Analytics to every separate video you create. View which countries traffic is coming from. Tip: If you buy solo ad traffic that you expect is high quality but it comes from a poor country you know there is foul play at work
- Hot Spot Analytics - When you Add in Hot Spots see how many clicks these call to actions are getting in your videos and adjust accordingly. Are they better at start, middle or end of video? Analyze and then adjust
- Add your own Google Analytics Code TO Every Video
- With out built in analytics see which browser, mobile or non mobile, operating system which source the traffic came from.

Branding Your Video With Unlimited Options
- Adding your own branding logo and change shape, size and position on page using the 'drag n srop' interface.
- Change the Colour of control bar, player bar. Make it unique as you want
- If you are building videos for your clients add their logo as an upsell. Otherwise put your own video company logo there

Live Interactive "Click" to Call Within Your Video
- Can be set to call a Skype Number or Regular Telephone Number
- This feature is INCREDIBLE for products or service that required selling to be closed over the phone. Examples insurance quotes, high end coaching, high level personal training service
- Add in From Our Drop Down Box of Pre Set Countries Codes - Over 200 listed!
- If Your using Skype we also have a "Skype" Preset Icon

Publish Video Via Public Link, Embed Code or Direct Facebook
- You can post your new video however you want Public, Embed or Facebook
- Facebook is great for more distribution as they tend to lower edge rank for external linking videos outside the FB Ecosystem
- The choice is yours

Add your autoresponder:
- Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, Sendreach, Campaign Monitor
- Add your webinar registration form from GoTo Webinar
- URL redirects with calls to action

Full Social Integration to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many more
- Follow me on Facebook
- Follow me on twitter
- Add & display youtube videos in your video
- Add & display Vimeo videos in your video
- Soundcloud - Play mp3's in your videos
- Tap to call - have leads phone you directly from the video

How you can customize the behaviour:
- Choose from over 500 icons at present
- Choose size of hotspot
- Choose colour
- Choose time you want it to be visible
- Choose position on video that you want it
- Choose Force capture or not - (Video will not play again until person has clicked on hotspot)
- Choose text

You will be able to display your Interactive Easy Sketch Pro videos here:
- On the URL the software provides
- In Facebook tabs
- In Facebook newsfeeds
- On any site that will accept an embed code that the software provides

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