Autodesk Inventor Professional 2019.1


Jun 6, 2022
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Autodesk Inventor Professional 2019.1
Autodesk Inventor Professional 2019.1
OS: Windows 64bit | Language: English | Size: 5.6 GB
Inventor® 3D CAD software offers professional-grade 3D mechanical design, documentation, and product simulation tools.

Autodesk Inventor 2019.1 Update Readme:
Fixed Issues

Add-Ins - 3D PDF
- Improved performance when exporting a large assembly file to 3D PDF. INVGEN-13309
- Improved stability when exporting to a 3D PDF file. INVGEN-13981
Add-Ins - Cable and Harness
- Improved stability when accessing the context menu from the properties of a Nailboard harness. INVGEN-3932
Add-Ins - Content Center
- Improved stability when publishing iParts. INVGEN-9763
- Trailing zeros in filenames no longer cause duplication of standard parts when using the Refresh Standard Components command to update a part. INVGEN-12181
- Improved stability when inserting components migrated from an earlier version of a custom Content Center library. INVGEN-13412
- Resolved issue with search in Content Center libraries. INVGEN-13415
- Improved stability when calling ContentFamily.CreateMember() with an invalid argument. INVGEN-13820
- The Suppress and Unsuppress context menu options now work correctly when applied to Content Center parts. INVGEN-14681
Add-Ins - Design Accelerator
- DIN 5472 Spline is updated with the correct size value. INVGEN-6708
- Resolved issue where Bolted connection and other Design Accelerator components allocated a large amount of memory and did not release it after exiting the command. INVGEN-7823
- The diameters of Bolted Connection holes now maintain customized values when opening the Bolted Connection Generator. INVGEN-12714
- Bolted Connection countersink and counterbore hole diameters now correctly maintain customized values. INVGEN-13208
- Resolved issue where expanded Template Library section in the Bolted Connection Component Generator dialog box, fails to remain open in the next session of Inventor. INVGEN-13408
- Decimal separators no longer cause incorrect data to display in Bearing Generators. INVGEN-13547
- Resolved issue in Bolted connection generator. The diameter correctly maintains the entered value and does not reset to to 0.25 mm / in when a reference entity is selected. INVGEN-13631
- The hole values of Bolted Connection holes now maintain customized values when opening the Bolted Connection Generator. INVGEN-16261
Add-Ins - Frame Generator
- You can now change the frame member family of a reused frame member. INVGEN-13664
Add-Ins - iLogic
- Improved stability when running iLogic rules to close Excel. INVGEN-9441
- Resolved an issue where Celsius and Fahrenheit units were not being calculated correctly in iLogic rules. INVGEN-11879
- The browser node for Flush constraint now updates correctly when working with positional representations (except for Master) and setting values via API or iLogic. This means you can now override the flush constraint parameter. INVGEN-13574
- Resolved an issue about stability of iLogic event triggers. INVGEN-15418
Add-Ins - Simulation
- Mid surfaces no longer become corrupt after copying a simulation. INVGEN-1056
Add-Ins - Simulation - Stress Analysis
- Inserting a force or a pressure on a cylindrical or spherical type face no longer displays the glyph going in the wrong direction. INVGEN-1028
- Improved stability with assembly stress environment in Japanese versions of Inventor. INVGEN-10446
- Improved stability when entering the Stress Analysis environment, then exiting the environment, and then selecting Undo All. INVGEN-12710
- Improved stability when saving files in the Stress Analysis environment. INVGEN-16476
Add-Ins - Tube and Pipe
- Improved stability when editing a hose length after creating a sick hose route. INVGEN-9024
- Improved stability when changing the size of a Tube and Pipe coupling thread. INVGEN-12206
- Setting the hidden _LibraryDocumentModifiable API property no longer allows documents in read-only (library) folders from being modified. See AKN article, [ , for more information. INVGEN-13347
- Improved stability when assigning an empty string from a control element (ComboBox/TextBox) to a parameter. INVGEN-13385
- Fixes an issue where moving a nesting template to the Templates folder caused Frame Generator to open a Nesting Template instead of an Assembly Template INVGEN-16351
- Improved stability when adding Tube and Pipe routes to a file. INVGEN-11196
Assemblies - BOM
- Resolved issue where Inventor failed to display the prompt to save a file after editing a BOM table layout . INVGEN-14635
Assemblies - Derived-Shrinkwrap
- Improved ability to preserve pocket features when they are being removed in a Shrinkwrap assembly. INVGEN-14986
- Improved stability when editing a shrinkwrap feature without the source assembly. INVGEN-15529
Assemblies - Express
- Improved stability when editing-in-place a Tube & Pipe sub-assembly to create flexible routes in Express Mode. INVGEN-13654
Assemblies - iAssembly
- Placing an iAssembly member from the Vault no longer incorrectly generates a new member. INVGEN-15663
Assemblies - Weldment
- Weldment symbols, whose visibility is set to invisible, are no longer exported to a DWF as visible. INVGEN-13033
- Improved stability when working with the Design Doctor in a drawing. INVGEN-14270
Drawings - Tables
- Resolved issue where the Part List QTY computed quantity of components set to invisible even though the relevant part list style in the Style Editor was set to Limit QTY to visible components only. INVGEN-14764
Drawings - Views
- Placed orthogonal views that include a rotation now display correctly. INVGEN-14534
- Resolved an issue an Overlay View can't change from Raster mode. INVGEN-15103
- Improved stability when saving to a drive with very little free disk space. INVGEN-8765
- Improved stability when working in Inventor and the disk space is almost full. INVGEN-8920
- Improved stability when opening an assembly. INVGEN-13572
- Improved stability with launching the Customer Error Report (CER) dialog after clicking OK to an error message that a component failed to load. INVGEN-13954
- Resolved issue where the Migrate Styles button in the Style Migration dialog box remained enabled after successfully migrating the library. INVGEN-14721
- Increased stability on documents closing and Inventor shutdown. INVGEN-16504
- Resolved issue where the setting, Enable Enhanced Highlighting, in Application Options > Color tab that is using German OS region settings (decimal comma) did not pre-highlight or highlight selected components. INVGEN-13618
- Improved stability when working with very large drawing files. INVGEN-15122
- Resolved issue with My Home not maintaining the window size and location from the previous session. INVGEN-4874
- General stability improvements made while working in Inventor. INVGEN-5339
Parts - 2D Sketch
- Resolved issue in a 2D Sketch where one or more dimensions driven by sketch block dimensions failed to update correctly. INVGEN-1282
- Inventor API BrowserPane.Reorder now correctly reorders part nodes within an assembly. INVGEN-13840
- Improved stability when interacting with the origin point of a rectangle in a sketch. INVGEN-14325
Parts - 3D Sketch
- Improved stability when placing a tangent constraint on a 3d sketch arc. INVGEN-13639
Parts - Derive
- Improved stability when closing Inventor from the 3D print environment without saving. INVGEN-14710
Parts - Draft
- Improved stability when closing the Face Draft dialog box, after making an edit without the face selected. INVGEN-14163
Parts - Freeform
- Improved stability when with the Freeform Merge Edge command. INVGEN-3012
- Improved stability when working with models created from the Freeform Match Edges command. INVGEN-7593
Parts - Hole-Threads
- Improved stability when canceling the Hole command in the FEA environment. INVGEN-14683
Parts - Sheet Metal
- Resolved issue where Inventor API resulted in a wrong bend selection in a sheet metal part. INVGEN-13205
Parts - Work Features
- Resolved issue where Select Other did not display when creating a work feature. INVGEN-12065
Parts - iFeature-iPart
- The iPart member files no longer display as needed to be saved when saving or closing the parent assembly file. INVGEN-7158
- Improved stability when opening IPN files. INVGEN-13233
- Improved stability when importing very large Parasolid x_t files into Inventor. INVGEN-14077
- Resolved issue where the color in a model in an imported STEP file did not import correctly. INVGEN-14083
- Improved stability when using the STEP 242 format to export a part surface to a STEP file. INVGEN-14202
- A component in a sub-assembly pattern set to invisible no longer reverses to visible after exporting to a STEP file, and importing back into Inventor. INVGEN-15125
Translators - DWG
- AutoCAD drawings now display correctly when the Model tab is active. INVGEN-4242
- Checkbox states now display correctly in the DWG/DXF File Wizard > Import Destination Options dialog box. INVGEN-4243
- The Import Preview Layout1 tab now displays correctly in the DWG/DXF File Wizard > Layer and Objects Import Options dialog box. INVGEN-4244
Tutorial Framework
- Only tutorials containing at least one model file or one video file can be shared. INVGEN-13006
UI - Browser
- You can drag and drop single or multiple browser feature and component nodes into a different position in the browser. Hover over a collapsed feature or component node to expand the node. INVGEN-7477
- Improved stability when dragging multiple drawing views from the active sheet to a different sheet. INVGEN-9343
- Resolved issue with shortcut keys not correctly displaying the correct context menu options. INVGEN-10923
- Issue with multi-select in a browser is resolved: Select a component in the browser, press and hold SHIFT, and then select the end component. This correctly creates a batch selection. INVGEN-15666
- Improved stability when saving current document to a new name. INVGEN-16748
UI - Mini Toolbar
- Improved stability when closing an error dialog after clicking OK after executing a command from the Mini-Toolbar. INVGEN-12633

What's New in Autodesk Inventor 2019

Version: 2019.0.1 Update
Supported Architectures: x64
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer / Server 2016, 2012(R2), 2008 R2
Software Prerequisites: Autodesk Inventor 2019 Homepage



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