ArtStation Masterclasses (2018) Course Collection


Jun 6, 2022
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ArtStation Masterclasses (2018) Course Collection
ArtStation Masterclasses 2018 Course Collection | 21 GB

ArtStation Masterclasses 2018 - Aaron Limonick Environmental Design and Illustration
ArtStation Masterclasses 2018 - Aaron Beck Military Robotics Design
Artstation Masterclasses 2018 - James Clyne Narrative Design through Compositional Storytelling
ArtStation Masterclasses 2018 - Jana Schirmer 2D Fantasy Illustration
ArtStation Masterclasses 2018 - Josh Herman Character Design and Sculpting for Concept
ArtStation Masterclasses 2018 - Vitaly Bulgarov Robotic 3D Design for Entertainment
ArtStation Masterclasses 2018 - Ryan Meinerding Creating Heroes Narrative Character Design
ArtStation Masterclasses 2018 - Pascal Blanche Creating an Illustration from A to Z
ArtStation Masterclasses 2018 - Neville Page Creative Creature Design
ArtStation Masterclasses 2018 - Krystal Sae Eua Dynamic Animal Sculpting

- Environmental Design and Illustration with Aaron Limonick
In this course, Aaron will demonstrate the critical importance of a complete design process. From traditional ideation sketching and exploration, students will learn how to bring personality and a feeling of depth and history to their designs. Then, using 3d Coat and Modo, initial ideas will be brought into a 3d space where many refinements can easily be made, and the foundation of a finished rendering is built. Lastly, using Photoshop, the 3d rendering will be completed into a final illustration that maintains the character and intent of the very first sketch.

- Military Robotics Design with Aaron Beck
This class will show a working process from rough sketches and discussion on the ideas behind them, through to a final illustration, detailing the techniques of photo manipulation and digital painting used to create the finished product.

- Narrative Design through Compositional Storytelling with James Clyne
Using techniques that are applied in the professional field of feature film, James will walk you through both tricks of the trade and standard work flows including translating 3d geo into Photoshop, kit-bashing, camera positioning, art direction, and paint techniques. And if we're lucky, hopefully some insight into what Directors are looking for.

- 2D Fantasy Illustration with Jana Schirmer
Jana will cover the sketchphase, the preparation, how to set up lighting, and rendering.

- Character Design and Sculpting for Concept with Josh Herman
Josh will be covering his 3D character design and modeling process from an initial concept sculpt to a final rendered illustration. Josh will use software like Zbrush, Marvelous Designer, and Keyshot to establish the look for his character and finalize the look in Photoshop.

- Robotic 3D Design for Entertainment with Vitaly Bulgarov
In this class Vitaly will be focusing on demonstrating and explaining his approach and techniques for creating a solid "1st Pass" 3D Design of a robotic character for a Film or a Videogame project. 1st pass design phase is considered one of the most challenging and critical stages of a 3D design creation process. "Challenging" because fast turnarounds and yet with high quality are usually expected by the clients at the beginning of a project when there is still room for exploration and therefore this stage demands an array of skills throughout several software packages and clarity of design thinking of a task at hand. "Critical" because a properly done and a successful 1st pass design creates a definite visual target for the project early on and lays the foundation for the future iterative work on the more refined/final design version as well reduces overall cost and saves time of the asset production for the entire team while not compromising the quality.

- Creating Heroes: Narrative Character Design with Ryan Meinerding
Ryan will work through a series of rough character designs showing how he develops ideas for visuals based on narrative. The class will focus on creating a hero and a villain for a story and show the main characters visual journey through the narrative.

- Creating an Illustration from A to Z with Pascal Blanche
Pascal will create a brand new illustration, with the focus being to talk about his art and inspirations, composition rules, and then colors and box of tricks when it comes to finalize his work on Photoshop.

- Creative Creature Design with Neville Page
This master class will cover all processes of creative development, starting with the script and ending with a resolved design and presentation. Neville will be sharing philosophies regarding creature design and techniques that will allow for new ways of seeing.

- Dynamic Animal Sculpting with Krystal Sae Eua
Krystal will show participants her process for creating a digital animal sculpture from start to finish. Sculpting in Zbrush, Krystal will show how she approaches animal anatomy, pose and composition. She will then go over her sculpting techniques and take this piece all the way through to rendering the final image.


ArtStation Masterclasses (2018) Course Collection




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