Arq Backup 5.11.3


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Jun 11, 2022
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Arq Backup 5.11.3
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Back up your files automatically, to your own cloud account, with Arq. Just connect Arq to your own Google Drive account, Amazon Web Services account, SFTP server, Greenqloud account, DreamObjects account, or any S3-compatible server.

Everything is encrypted before transfer, so your files are safe and secure. Arq backs up your files automatically, every hour.

If you accidentally delete a file, you can go back in time and restore the file from your cloud backups.

Back up external hard drives, NAS files, whatever you want. Arq has no limits. Requires OS X 10.7 or later


True privacy and control
Arq encrypts your file data before it leaves your computer, so your files are never sent on the network in the clear. You choose the encryption password. We have no access to your files. All transmission over the network is through SSL/TLS.

Totally transparent
Your backups are stored in an open, documented format. We've published an open-source command-line utility so you can see for yourself your backups and directly restore your files from cloud storage. Other users have also contributed Arq-compatible utilities like arqinator.

Native apps
Both Arq for Mac and Arq for Windows are native apps built for maximum device fidelity and maximum performance. No Java means no Java-related upgrade headaches or performance problems.

Arq does all it can to minimize uploads: Compression reduces upload sizes. Client-side de-duplication ensures Arq never uploads the same content twice. Rsync-style "rolling checksum" ensures only the changed parts of files are uploaded.

Cloud Choice
You can back up to your own Amazon Cloud Drive, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive accounts, or your SFTP server or NAS. Use that extra space in your existing cloud account to store your encrypted backups.

Unlimited in every way:
Arq backs up everything or just the files you choose.
Arq doesn't skip videos or ignore certain file types
Arq backs up files of any size - 4GB, 40GB, it doesn't matter
Arq backs up your external drives
Arq backs up your network drives
Arq doesn't delete backups of your external drives just because you haven't plugged them in lately
Arq doesn't forcibly delete old backup records (unless you tell it to).
Arq restores your files onto any computer.

What is new in Arq 5?

Probably the biggest change in Arq 5 is a switch from a per-computer to a per-user license model. This means that individuals need to buy one license to use Arq 5 on all their devices.

The backup software is faster than previous versions thanks to the use of LZ4 for compression, use of multiple threads to back up and restore data, and minimizes file scanning by using file system events whenever possible.

The built-in search enables you to find all file versions in all backups created so far, and gives you options to restore it easily using drag and drop.

Arq 5 let's you select specific wired and wireless network interfaces for data transfers (or block wireless transfers altogether), run scripts before and after jobs, and supports email reports that provide you with details on individual jobs.

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Arq Backup 5.11.3

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