3DQuickPress 6.2.3 (x64) for SolidWorks


Jun 6, 2022
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3DQuickPress 6.2.3 (x64) for SolidWorks
3DQuickPress 6.2.3 (x64) for SolidWorks | File size: 1.0 GB

3DQuickPress® is a SOLIDWORKS® add-on for progressive die design. With a 3D solid model of the part, a 3D strip can be created quickly and easily, and also be communicated clearly throughout the work group using the free SOLIDWORKS eDrawings® viewer before further detailing of the die without time wasted.

Powerful Unfold
Powerful Unfold, a feature recognition technology, can handle native SOLIDWORKS® sheet metal parts for imported data, and provide a knowledge base for spring back and bend allowance. Form features can save valuable time from die designs and give them more design productivity tasks.

Strip Layout Manager
Strip Layout Manager provides users with intuitive tools to quickly complete the strip simply by drag & drop command with instant graphical feedback.

Key functions
Support multiple parts
Notch punch design
Split punch
Mismatch undercuts
Partial bend
Insert/Delete stations
Report on material utilization and center of cutting force
Die Set Design

Die Set Design begins after finishing the strip layout. 3DQuickPress® will automatically create all punches defined in the strip design.

Key functions
User definable databases
Automatic hole creation
Tools for component placement
Standard components library
Support compound die and transfer die
Production-Ready-Libraries (PRL)

PRL assists users to insert home-made components into die sets structure with minimal manual operations.

Key functions
Automatic punches & insert creation
User defined punches and insert creation
Standard parts & die sets library
Create all openings in all plates automatically
Automatic parts recognition to create an accurate BOM
Sketch tools to assist in creating die openings and inserts

Whats New:
1. Supports SOLIDWORKS 2018.
2. Online Help.
3. Unfold blank checking and finding out errors like gaps and overlapping.
4. Form-before-bend gusset features named as rib features.
5. "Insert Multiple Copies ..." for inserting multiple blank layout components was added.
6. Round extrude direction property added to strip layout feature report.
7. SOLIDWORKS sketch diagnosis function invoked when notching sketch error.
8. Dirty Flag added to Smart Hole Table that requires update.
9. Dimensioning at edge intersection (i.e. virtual sharps) option in ordinate dimension.

1. Fixed performance issue when importing assembly data.
2. Fixed "Can only create Duplicate Swap Part when Swap Part feature is activated".
3. Fixed "Compound form feature size in feature property report is not correct".
4. Fixed failure of "Step / Shoulder Option..." to disable the creation of step upon rebuilding a cutting punch.
5. Fixed problem of updating punch design components after Pack&Go.
6. Problems in Component Opening are fixed.

3DQuickPress for SolidWorks 2011-2018

3DQuickPress 6.2.3 (x64) for SolidWorks


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