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Altair PollEx 2021.0 (x64)

Altair PollEx 2021.0 (x64)
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Design and engineering require a system-level view of products and systems. The integrated design of mechanical behavior and electronics is a trademark of today's product development. Based on a strong foundation of mechanical simulation software, Altair has expanded into areas of systems simulation and electromagnetics. Altair's Pollex PCB solvers and verification tools extend these capabilities into a new domain, allowing Altair to provide software for system-level design decisions.

Altair PollEx 2021.0 (x64)

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Altair PollEx is the most comprehensive and integrated set of PCB design viewing, analysis and verification tools in the market for electrical, electronics and manufacturing engineers. PollEx is an open solution, which transfers data flawlessly between different ECAD and simulation environments. While PCB design tools are traditionally reserved for PCB design engineers, engineers from other disciplines like hardware design, manufacturing, testing and mechanical need to also access, review and analyze the design and manufacturing data of PCBs and their Integrated Circuit (IC) packages.

PollEx provides unsurpassed connectivity to all relevant ECAD systems and formats as well to third party PCB simulation software and brings Design for Excellence (DfX) through a common application and a powerful set of rule-based design checks addressing post-design process constraints in the early design stages.

Its many features include query, measure, finding objects, and various reporting. PollEx operates in an open environment, which can transfer data flawlessly between different ECAD and simulation environments.

Key Features:
PCB Modeler
PollEx PCB Modeler reads entire PCB design data quickly in an intuitive and flexible interface to explore design details. Users can do queries, measurements, find objects, view topologies, analyze nets, compare PCB designs, and receive import and export support for all standard ECAD packages and PCB layout formats.

Unified Part Editor
PollEx PCB Unified Part Editor (UPE) is a unified electronic part data management software allowing users to create and edit part data (from manufacturers, including physical, logical, thermal, electrical, manufacturing and testing); generate part data using automatic and manual generation wizards (including 3D package geometry for mechanical design); manage mount data for mounting analysis and control (from specific equipment); and it supports many EDA vendor formats and tools.

PCB Solvers
PollEx PCB Solvers investigate Signal Integrity (SI) and thermal PCB problems thanks to intuitive and easy to use solvers which are fully integrated into the PollEx PCB Modeler and the Unified Part Editor (UPE). Included are efficient domain SI solvers with SPICE and IBIS model support for wave propagation delay, reflection, crosstalk, eye diagrams, scattering, admittance and impedance matrix calculations.

Whats New:
Read: Altair_PollEx_2021.0_Release_Notes.pdf


Altair PollEx 2021.0 (x64)

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Altair PollEx 2021.0 (x64)

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