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Windows Update Checker Beta

Windows Update Checker Beta
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KUC (Komm's Update Checker) is a small utility that will check what updates are installed, missing or removable on your Windows7, 2008, 8, and 8.

Windows Update Checker Beta

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1 systems.

[KB#] The knowledge base (KB) number of the update

[Version] The version number of the update

[State] The installation state of the update: installed, install pending, staged, superseded.

[Release Type] Update, Security Update, Hotfix, Language Pack, etc.

[Install ] The date and , the package was installed.

[Package Identity] The (short) name of the package.

[Language] If the package is language depended, you find the installation language here.

You can allow KUC to generate a packages.txt of your online system or create your own.




Windows Update Checker Beta

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