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Closing the Communication Gap

Closing the Communication Gap

Closing the Communication Gap by H James Harrington
pdf | 2.12 MB | English | Isbn:B0102Q2G3A | Author: Lewis, Robert, Harrington, H. James | PAge: 300 | Year: 2015

Closing the Communication Gap

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Dr. Lillian Glass, a world renowned communication and body language expert and pioneer in the area of gender differences in communication, used her skills to help Dustin Hoffman for his Academy Award winning performance in Tootsie.

Not only does she identify the 105 Sex Talk Differences that affect male/female interaction, she provides specific guidelines for both men and women to follow in order to build a more solid and fulfilling relationship with the opposite sex, both personally and in business.She also provides an eye-opening Sex Talk Quiz in order to help determine how much you really know about how the opposite sex communicates.
In business, men use more direct statements, while women tend to beat around the bush and are less likely to be heard by their male colleagues. On a more personal level, both men and women tend to be generally unsatisfied with what they hear from their partners during intimate moments. These are just a few facts revealed in this best - selling book as Dr. Glass gives the definitive answer as to why men and women differ so greatly in the area of communication.

Peppered with case examples and important findings from an eye-opening Gallup poll she commissioned, this fascinating book discusses the differences in the way men and women communicate-including body language, facial expressions, speech patterns and voice.Unlike any other book on the topic, Dr. Glass offers real solutions for finally closing the communication gap between the sexes.

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Closing the Communication Gap

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