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Black Light Bred Shane Starrett

Black Light  Bred  Shane Starrett

Black Light Bred Shane Starrett
epub | 395.45 KB | English | Isbn:9781947559554 |Author: Shane Starrett | Page: 306 | Year: 2021

Black Light Bred Shane Starrett

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That's what Captain Benjamin Davis and Dr. Jessica Bain tell each other. That the taboo kink they each crave to make a reality is impossible, a never-to-be fulfilled desire. Destiny proves it after a single incredible night of carnal decadence at the BDSM club Black Light gives them a tiny taste of their deepest desire just before tearing them apart.

Except Fate says 'hold my beer.'

Thrown together thousands of miles from where they first met, they're now faced with a risky challenge: do they seize the chance to give into their darkest desires once again, putting their careers on the line, or do they fight against their primal yearnings.

Neither of them may want the traditional walk down the aisle or the white picket fence, but they agree on one craving. 

To breed.

Category:Military Romance, Military Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Black Light Bred Shane Starrett

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