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Clinton Anderson - Gaining Respect and Control On The Ground - Vol 1

Clinton Anderson - Gaining Respect and Control On The Ground - Vol 1
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Genre: Video Training


Clinton Anderson - Gaining Respect and Control On The Ground - Vol 1

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Gaining Respect and Control on the Ground is a reference guide no horseman should be without. The four-disc series introduces you to Clinton AndersonпїЅs Downunder Horsemanship Method. Packed with information on horsemanship philosophy, step-by-step instructions, and success tips to build a safe relationship with your horse, this series is the basis for lifelong success with any horse and is the underlying foundation of the Downunder Horsemanship Method.
Using his signature 8 Steps to Success, Clinton works with three different horses to illustrate his training program. At the beginning of each exercise, he demonstrates the desired goal with a trained horse that will leave you inspired to hone your horsemanship skills. Then he walks you through each step of the exercise using two untrained horses. One horse is reactive while the other is lazy and disrespectful. By the end of the series, both horses are transformed into willing partners. You will be absolutely amazed at how many problems disappear once you master the techniques in this series. In this groundwork series, youпїЅre really going to get the respect and control that youпїЅve been looking for. A respectful, responsive and calm horse is something you should expect пїЅ not hope for. No matter what type of horse you have, Clinton will give you the tools necessary to successfully establish a partnership built on trust and respect. For just a fraction of the cost of lessons, youпїЅll receive his world-class instruction and have unlimited access to the man and his method.




Clinton Anderson - Gaining Respect and Control On The Ground - Vol 1

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