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Stardock ObjectDock Plus 2.01.743

Stardock ObjectDock Plus 2.01.743

Stardock ObjectDock Plus 2.01.743 | 15.3 MB

If you like the interface of the Mac OS but are stuck using a Windows machine, this little app from Stardock can help--if only very slightly. The premise behind ObjectDock is very simple: it adds an animated, Mac-inspired dock to your desktop that provides easy access to useful shortcuts and serves to replace your taskbar (if you so choose).

Stardock ObjectDock Plus 2.01.743

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The ObjectDock install is quick and light, and the program is extremely easy to set up. A simple settings menu lets you choose how many items you want on the dock, where it is positioned, and whether you want zoom enabled. You can also adjust the size, style, and color as well as set it to autohide or remain on top.

Organize with Style

App Switching Made Better

Frequent Folder on hand
New in 2.0, put fully-interactive Explorer folder-views in your tabbed docks. Always keep your frequently used folders available and instantly accessible (Windows 7 only).

New UI - Set up your desktop in a snap

Quickly rearrange, tear off and combine
Drag tabs with your right mouse button to quickly rearrange your tabs, or even tear one off completely onto its own dock. Add, remove, rename and recolor tabs with a simple right-click.

Additional Features
- Position dock on any monitor edge
- Supports multiple monitors
- Adjustable transparency for background and icons
- Running indicators for open programs
- Minimize windows to dock with live minimize-animation
- Compatibility - made for older/slower computers

- New background blur-behind (Windows 7/Vista only)



Stardock ObjectDock Plus 2.01.743

14 Days Free Access to USENET
Free 300 GB with 10 GB High-Speed

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