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MSC MARC 2020 (x64)

MSC MARC 2020 (x64)
x64 | Languages:English,Japanese | File Size: 875 MB

Marc is a powerful, general-purpose, nonlinear finite element analysis solution to accurately simulate the product behavior under static, dynamic and multi-physics loading scenarios. Marc's versatility in modeling nonlinear material behaviors and transient environmental conditions makes it ideal to solve your complex design problems.

MSC MARC 2020 (x64)

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Marc is ideal for product manufacturers looking for a robust nonlinear solution. It has capabilities to elegantly simulate all kinds of nonlinearities, namely geometric, material and boundary condition nonlinearity, including contact. It is also the only commercial solution that has robust manufacturing simulation and product testing simulation capabilities, with the ability to predict damage, failure and crack propagation. Combined with its multi-physics capabilities that help you couple thermal, electrical, magnetic and structural analyses, Marc is the complete solution that can address all your nonlinear simulation requirements.

Marc, optimized for nonlinear analysis, delivers comprehensive, robust solution schemes to solve problems spanning the entire product lifespan, including manufacturing process simulation, design performance analysis, service load performance and failure analysis.

These include:
- Nonlinear analysis that incorporates all forms of nonlinearities (Material, geometric, boundary condition including contact)
- Thermal analysis
- Coupled thermomechanical analysis
- Electromagnetics
- Piezoelectric analysis
- Electrical-Thermal-Mechanical
- Electrostatics and Magnetostatics coupled with structural response
- Manufacturing processes like sheet metal forming, hydroforming, extrusion, blow molding, welding, quenching, curing, cutting etc.

System Requirements:
OS:Windows 7, Windows 10, or Windows 2016 Server.
GPU:SVGA or better running in at least 16 bit (64k) color mode
Hard Drive:950 MB Marc
Memory: Minimum 8 GB / Recommended 16 GB

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MSC MARC 2020 (x64)

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MSC MARC 2020 (x64)

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