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Flaming Pear LunarCell v1.991

Flaming Pear LunarCell v1.991

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LunarCell is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop that can be used to generate virtual planets instantly. It can be used by a wide variety of users, ranging from ones that are interested in photo manipulation to advanced graphic designers.
Since it is a plugin, it needs to be implemented into a host application (in this case, Adobe Photoshop). Installing the plugin can be accomplished by unpacking the contents of the archive it comes packed in and moving them to Adobe Photoshop's Plug-Ins folder, which can usually be found in C:Program FilesAdobe PhotoshopPlug-Ins. It is worth mentioning that during the installation, the host program should be closed. Otherwise, it will require a restart once the plugin has been copied to its corresponding location. Accessing it through the app can be done via the Plugins category from the Effects menu.

Flaming Pear LunarCell v1.991

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LunarCell can help users generate virtual planets in Photoshop instantly, by only specifying a series of parameters. The main window of the plugin provides users with multiple slider bars that they can customize in order to achieve the desired result. Those include planet size, complexity, land texture, crater count, crater size, climate, sea level, air depth, sunset, cloud coverage, shadows, texture and cities. Users can randomize the result by clicking the dice button.

System Requirements:
Windows Vista or later
Windows: Photoshop CS2 or later

Whats New:
Improves the interface on high-DPI Windows monitors.

Flaming Pear LunarCell v1.991

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