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VA - 16 Bars OST (2019)

VA - 16 Bars OST (2019)
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VA - 16 Bars OST (2019)

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16 BARS offers a rare glimpse at the human stories and songs locked away in our nation's jails and prisons. The documentary follows a unique rehabilitation effort in a Virginia jail that encourages inmates to write and record original music. In the jail's makeshift recording studio, four men collaborate to produce an album with Grammy-winner Todd 'Speech' Thomas of Arrested Development. His goal was to shed light on the complex issues in our criminal justice system by bringing the voices and stories of incarcerated people to a larger audience. Music magic happened in that jail, and this is that Album. The four featured artists are: Teddy Kane, Garland Carr, Anthony Johnston, and Devonte James. All the basic tracks, rapping and singing were recorded in the Richmond City Jail. The album is somewhat eclectic. There is music here that will appeal to Hiphop, Blues, Outlaw Country, Gospel, and Americana. The rap music here is personal and conscious, in the vein of stars such as Kendrick Lamar and 2Pac. Garland Carr, on the other hand, may remind you of a young Johnny Cash. 'Inspire' was sweetened by a children s choir (who Speech recorded in his home studio, at the artist s request). 'Lay My Burden Down' features a gospel choir comprised of fellow inmates and was recorded in the facility's cafeteria. Speech contributes a number of spoken word interludes, and there is a Bonus Track Arrested Development's 'Trauma' (f. Daunta).
01. Speech - Speech's Intro (0:55)
02. Teddy Kane; Positive Impact Choir - Inspire (3:33)
03. Teddy Kane - Lost One (3:49)
04. Teddy Kane - Where My Daddy At? (5:09)
05. Speech - Speech's Interlude #1 (0:50)
06. Anthony Johnston; Speech - Recidivism (3:16)
07. Devonte james; Speech - Broken Chains (4:02)
08. Speech - Speech's Interlude #2 (0:34)
09. Garland Carr; The REAL Program Chorus - Lay My Burden Down (2:56)
10. Garland Carr - Freedom Wind (4:33)
11. Garland Carr - Steam Train Salvation (4:02)
12. Garland Carr - Two Stamps (5:47)
13. Speech - Speech's Outro (1:16)
14. Arrested Development; Daunta - Trauma (Bonus Track) (3:20)




VA - 16 Bars OST (2019)

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